Improve Mine Scheduling with SPRY Scheduler

Mining companies need to ensure that their operations are in line with the market, and that’s why an accurate and fast scheduling application system is critical. This article discusses how SPRY provides an integrated toolset for mining scheduling and haulage to answer these needs.


MineScape, Complete Solutions for Geological Modelling

Coal mines with complex geological structures like those found in Indonesia require software that is capable of handling the challenges. Read on to find out how MineScape, with its advanced geological modelling, helps make the mine planning process faster and easier.


PT Mandala Karya Prima (MKP) Chooses MineScape for Quick Turn-Arounds Mine Planning

Mitrais and Datamine are pleased to announce our new client: PT Mandala Karya Prima (MKP), a fast-growing coal mining contractor that provides a wide range of services to the mining sector.


Mitrais Showcases Its Portfolio of Mining Solutions at the 8th International Mining Exhibition to New Markets

Mitrais took the opportunity at the 8th International Mining Exhibition held on 6-9 November 2019 at Kolkata, India, to highlight the extensive portfolio of mining solutions that Mitrais represent. We confident that our proven solutions can be a boon for the Mining industry in India as well.


How to Get Ahead of Market Challenges with Best Practices

Are you looking to get ahead of market challenges but find yourself struggling to keep up with the digital age? Mitrais recently helped launch MineScape version 6 to help with efficiency and effectiveness in the mining space.


Latest Technology Overcomes Challenges in Mine Scheduling

Years ago, mine scheduling operations were still relying on Excel spreadsheets and manual picking blocks. Now, new generation of advanced mine scheduling software makes the process blazingly fast and precise. Learn more of how the latest technology overcomes mine scheduling challenges in this article!


Improving Mine Productivity to Survive Industry Downturns

Mitrais held its first event in 2017 at Le Grandeur Hotel, Balikpapan, a seminar on how to improve mine productivity using mine scheduling and haulage.

mining-scheduling-haulage (1)

Improve Your Productivity with Integrated Mine Scheduling and Haulage Software

Mitrais is holding one day seminar in Balikpapan on the topic above. What you can get in this seminar? Click for more details and registration.


MCC Indonesia Implements MineScape for Improved Productivity

MCC Indonesia has made MineScape their choice of mine planning solution to be used in their Indonesian-based projects. As ABB trusted MineScape Business Partner, Mitrais is engaged by MCC Indonesia to assist in its implementation and subsequent configuration.


Spry Scheduler Introduced to Future Mining Professionals

In December, Mitrais’ sales manager Aditya Ari Marindra became a guest lecturer in a workshop for mining scheduling at the Trisakti University, Jakarta, as a part of Mitrais’ cooperation with Indonesian universities to encourage the growth of high quality graduates for the mining industry.


Cut Down Mining Operational Cost by Choosing the Best Haulage Roads

During Temu Profesi Tahunan (TPT) XXV 2016 held by Association of Indonesian Mining Professionals (PERHAPI) in Bandung, Aditya Ari Marindra, Mitrais’ Sales Manager, presented his research on how using haulage roads with gentler grade steepness and optimal conditions can cut down operational cost.

Adit-and-XPPL-Training thumbnail

Laos Mine Geomodeling Made Easy with MineScape Stratmodel

Recently, Vientiane-based Xekong Power Plant Limited (XPPL) has installed MineScape to enhance their mine modeling capabilities to produce accurate and easy to modify 3D mine models, ensuring more precise mine planning while saving time and effort involved in its creation.

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