The Insider’s Guide to Preventing Data Breaches: Detection and Protection Strategies

Introduction  Data breaches happen when sensitive information that is confidential and protected lands on a person who is not authorized to view it. In an era where data is the lifeblood of enterprises, the threat of data breaches looms larger than ever before. The repercussions of these breaches can be catastrophic, leading to financial losses, […]

Mitrais Yogyakarta’s Mini-Soccer Club: Scoring Fun and Health on the Pitch

Thinking of starting an active lifestyle while maintaining your work game? Why not give mini-soccer a try? Imagine gathering with your colleagues, but instead of discussing work, you run across the green pitch, strategically passing and snatching a leather ball from the rival team. All fatigue melts away as you breathe the fresh outdoor air […]

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Innovating Logistics: The Transformative Impact of RPA on Supply Chains

Introduction  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is revolutionizing supply chain management, driving unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness. According to a report by Gartner, “RPA is a ‘speed to value’ option that supply chain leaders in customer fulfillment can seize today.” The technology plays a key role in automating repetitive tasks, streamlining processes and reducing human error. In […]

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Iftar Delight with Mitrais 2024: A Joyful Celebration of Togetherness

As the sunset cast its golden rays and the call to prayer blissfully echoed across the skyline, sheer gratitude tranquilly blanketed the hearts of Mitrais staff. The clickety-clack of keyboards and busy meetings shifted to a gathering of serenity. Cooling drinks, fresh, plump dates, and piles of delicious dish assortments that reflected Indonesia’s rich cuisines […]

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Elevating Code Quality and Reliability with Automated Testing in Golang

Background  Ensuring that our code is reliable and stable is crucial in software development. However, oftentimes we do not know how reliable our code is until we encounter bugs and frustrations after deployment. To avoid these issues, it is imperative to implement strong automated testing strategies.  Automated testing in Golang offers a solution to these […]

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Navigating the Challenges of Test Automation in the Face of Non-Deterministic Behaviour

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, the importance of test automation cannot be overstated. Automated testing provides numerous benefits, including faster release cycles, improved software quality, and efficient bug detection. However, one of the significant challenges that test automation engineers often encounter is dealing with non-deterministic behaviour in applications. Non-deterministic behaviour refers to scenarios […]

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Maximizing Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings with the SPRY Scheduler

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are crucial for any business's profitability, especially one operating in the fast-changing mining industry. Equipped with a suite of cutting-edge features, the modern mine scheduling and haulage solution SPRY Scheduler stands out as a powerful tool that can streamline mining operations by efficiently managing resources, schedules, and tasks. It has many features designed to control costs and optimize productivity.

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Emphasizing the Importance of Communication Skills Alongside Technical Skills for Software Developers in the AI Age

Introduction Human skills in programming languages, data analysis, and other technical areas have been a major key for success in the tech industry and beyond, but the landscape is changing rapidly.  Artificial intelligence and machine learning are constantly automating daily tasks that were once performed by humans. This is a trend that is expected to […]

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Building High-Performance Applications with gRPC in Golang

As developers, we are familiar with REST APIs for building applications. However, in 2015, Google introduced gRPC as a modern, high-performance RPC (Remote Procedure Call) framework, which is designed to facilitate communication between client and server using Protocol Buffers and HTTP/2 for transmitting data. What is gRPC? Before gRPC, the traditional RPC architecture used HTTP, […]

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Measuring Success: Using Metrics to Continuously Assess Your Augmented Software Team’s Performance

Over the last few decades, the idea of augmenting your software development team’s capacity and capabilities using remote team members from a trusted near-shore provider has become normalised. More and more organisations use this strategy to provide them with a cost-effective method of supplementing their internal software development “horsepower” to create and maintain key applications, whether it be for their internal use (gaining a competitive advantage) or taking their solutions to market.

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