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Challenges and Solutions of Collaborative Agile Development - CAC Olive Project

Since becoming a member of the CAC Holdings Group family a few years ago, Mitrais’ successful track record with complex software development was something everyone sought to leverage. Of particular interest was Mitrais’ specialist skills in Agile (specifically SCRUM-based) development methodologies. It was hoped that CAC teams could be exposed to SCRUM working in conjunction with experienced Mitrais team members


Winning Both Worlds: Apriliana Nur Rahmawati on Manifesting Successful Motherhood and Career 

In this day and age, a workplace like Mitrais understands the challenges that modern women face and stands with them. Apriliana Nur Rahmawati is one of the nine-to-five moms who chose both worlds unapologetically with Mitrais. Let’s flip through her journey as a mother and a professional. 

5 Stages of the Mining Cycle (1)

The Importance of Mine Scheduling in the Mining Process

Mine scheduling is an essential aspect of the mining process and by properly sequencing operations and assigning equipment, production targets can be met efficiently. Read this infographic to take a look into the mining process and explore the importance of mine scheduling in achieving optimal results!

Vue Clean Architecture

The Benefits of Using Clean Architecture in Vue

Clean Architecture is a design pattern that uses "separation of layers," a technique used for many years by software engineers. Uncle Bob initially promoted Clean Architecture focusing on the Java language, and it is implemented in other languages, such as Dart and Golang. Read this article on how to implement it in Vue!

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Transform Your Business Processes with Automation: A Guide to RPA

In this whitepaper, Mitrais unravels the complexity of Robotic Process Automation. Download it to learn more.


Vulnerability Assessment: The Security of Preparedness

Ninety-three percent of cybersecurity leaders suspect that catastrophic cybersecurity attacks are more likely to occur than ever. If your company is not sure where it stands on security, there may be gaps in your system that cybercriminals can sneak in through to access your valuable data.  That’s why vulnerability assessments have become so vital. Read this article to learn more!


RPA: The Secret Weapon in Accounting and Finance

If your company wants to stay ahead of the curve, bringing in tools like RPA is vital. Not only does it ensure greater accuracy than a human could ever hope to produce, but it frees up your team to make a real impact on the market.  Read this article to learn about RPA implementations for accounting and finance!


Unlock the Power of Optimizing Kafka with Ease!  

This whitepaper explores the optimization of Kafka, a platform renowned for its high performance, low latency, and flexible scalability. Download it now to maximize the performance of your Kafka.

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Deploying a Multi-Broker Kafka Cluster in Kubernetes

Event-driven architecture is one of the most common methods to achieve seamless integration. In this architecture, event routers or brokers connect the event consumers to the event producers through message brokers. It works like a queue where the events are transmitted as messages. Read this article to learn about the steps for deploying the message brokers into a Kubernetes cluster.

Live, Code, Groove

Live, Code, Groove: Matthew Kalempouw on Being a Father, Professional Developer, and Bassist

Matthew is proud to say that he uses both his left and right brains equally for music and logic. Besides being the talented, creative bassist that he is, the musician is also an Analyst Programmer in Mitrais. Writing, testing, reviewing codes, and solving complex problems are staples for Matthew who kickstarted his career with the company in 2018. Read this article to learn more about Matthew's journey with Mitrais!

Comparing MapKit and Google Maps SDK in iOS

Exploring MapKit and Google Maps SDK in iOS

In today's world, almost everyone relies on various applications to assist them with everyday needs, for example, getting directions, ordering food, and buying goods and services online. Mapping software helps to make the UI of these applications much more interactive. Read this article to find out about the difference in creating maps using MapKit and Google Maps SDK!


TechnologyOne: Simplifying Business with Innovative Enterprise Solutions

Since its establishment in 1987, TechnologyOne has dedicated itself to creating solutions that transform business and make life simpler for its customers.


LastPass vs. Bitwarden: Freemium Password Manager Comparison

Remembering dozens or hundreds of long, strong, and unique passwords for every credential can become "Mission Impossible" without a password manager. If you use the same password for all accounts or hard copy them all to a disk, there is a high risk of a security breach, and unknown actors could steal your personal information.

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