Reducing FUD

Remote Development Partners and Your In-house Team – Reducing FUD

Having different teams cooperating on a software development project can be tricky, and can result in FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) in the process. FUD will, in turn, make success much more difficult to achieve. This article highlights some of the most common areas of FUD, and the reality behind them.


Hartoyo Barlian – Man Behind Mitrais’ IT Support

In a successful company, there are a host of team members who contribute to that success. This article looks at how Mitrais’ CIO, Hartoyo Barlian manages the consistently excellent performance of Mitrais’ IT Support Team.

Meetrais Facsi ok

Meetrais Facsi: a long-term Mitrais’ Business Communication Trainer

Mitrais is straightforward about its commitment to supporting employees’ development. Here is the story of one of our trainers, his journey to get here, and his impressions about being part of the Mitrais family.

Innovathon 2019

Innov-A-Thon 2019

With the excitement of the 2019 Mitrais Innovathon still fresh in their minds, Mitrais staff are already coming up with their next great ideas for the 2020 Innovathon! We can’t wait to see their best concepts, and join in the fun!


How to Get Ahead of Market Challenges with Best Practices

Are you looking to get ahead of market challenges but find yourself struggling to keep up with the digital age? Mitrais recently helped launch MineScape version 6 to help with efficiency and effectiveness in the mining space.


Emergent Designs

Software architecture is understood to be the result of a permanent refactoring, and this approach is called emergent design. But how does emergent design work and how does it contribute to software development? Find out in this article.


Mitrais Carrot

Mitrais has a great employee reward program called Mitrais Carrot, and it’s a fun way to encourage performance and motivate our team. Take a look at Mitrais Carrot in this article.


Migration from OnPremise to Cloud​

Is migration necessary? Will it benefit your organization? This infographic presents one path that can be used as starting point for organization to migrate to cloud.


Agile Practises in Mitrais’ Client Base

In this article, we examine how some Mitrais clients are implementing Agile techniques, the benefits that can be reaped, and how to avoid some potential pitfalls.

Vincencia Tika Dianti

Meetrais Tika: Welcoming A New Addition to the Bali Office Family

In this article, we’re not going to talk about technical strategies for testing a website. Instead, let’s have an inside look at the recruitment process experience at Mitrais.


How HIS Can Help Hospital Achieve KARS Accreditation

How would a Hospital Information System (HIS) contribute to the accreditation process in hospitals? This article explores the benefits of how a good HIS can help hospitals raise their standards to meet the KARS accreditation.

Client Story PYBAR

Filling the Gap

PYBAR, one of Australia’s premier mining services companies, successfully improved their systems and resolved challenges with internal integrations with our help.

SWD Article - What is DevOps

Everybody Speaks About DevOps, but What is DevOps?

The term DevOps is currently the subject of lively discussion in the tech world since the first time it used at a conference in Belgium in 2009. But what is DevOps really?

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