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Functional Sizing in Agile Projects

Agile methodologies, like SCRUM, are popular process frameworks often applied to contemporary software development services. This article discusses options for Sizing and estimation of Agile projects.

Mitrais Happy Hour

Happy Hour Brings Fun to the Workplace

As a famous quote says “pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”. Here in Mitrais, we have regular energizing events to maintain a great working environment as well as boost employee satisfaction and camaraderie. Read on to find out more in this article.


PT Mandala Karya Prima (MKP) Chooses MineScape for Quick Turn-Arounds Mine Planning

Mitrais and Datamine are pleased to announce our new client: PT Mandala Karya Prima (MKP), a fast-growing coal mining contractor that provides a wide range of services to the mining sector.


A Journey with Microservices – Part 4

In the previous article we discussed the Gateway Service, an entry point into our Microservice system. In this last part of the journey, we discuss implementing our Registry Service to make service registration automatic.


Applying Emergent Design in Agile Projects

Emergent design is no less important in Agile projects, and should be a continuous effort for your Agile team. Learn some practical techniques on how to apply ‘Emergent Design’ in your Agile projects in this article.


Software Maintenance Supports the Software Sustainability

In the software development world, maintenance plays an important role. It’s like an after-sales service after buying a new car. But, there is more to maintenance than bug-fixing. Find out more about Software Maintenance is in this article.


A Guidance for New Oracle Java License

Starting from January 2019, Oracle has changed its Java licensing model. If you find yourself confused about which Java that you should use, this graphic should help to make it clearer for you.

Mitrais Joining CAC Holdings Group Japan

Mitrais Celebrates Joining CAC’s Global Family

19.11.19 was a big moment for Mitrais when we were inaugurated as the latest member of CAC Holdings’ global family. We look forward to the many great achievements that we will make together in the future.


Mitrais Showcases Its Portfolio of Mining Solutions at the 8th International Mining Exhibition to New Markets

Mitrais took the opportunity at the 8th International Mining Exhibition held on 6-9 November 2019 at Kolkata, India, to highlight the extensive portfolio of mining solutions that Mitrais represent. We confident that our proven solutions can be a boon for the Mining industry in India as well.


At Mitrais, Yoga Class Balances Work & Life

Working at a company that fully supports the balanced lifestyle that you dream of is a privilege, and that is exactly what is happening at Mitrais Offices. Take a look at how Mitrais’ staff are balancing their work life by practicing Yoga in this article.


A Journey with Microservices – Part 3

In the previous article we discussed the Configuration service and implementation of our basic project layout. In this part, we’re going to discuss the Getaway, a service that acts as an entry point into our microservice system.

Cider House ICT

The Right People at The Right Time – Cider House ICT

More than 20 years ago, Cider House ICT starting with their first iteration of the CHSVET Veterinary Practice Management System (VPMS). With the emerging demand for a new product, Cider House ICT sought out Mitrais to supplement their team. This article highlights how Mitrais’ extended team helps Cider House ICT develop their product.


Teamwork Creates a Refreshing Change for Bandung Office

Mitrais is always looking at creative solutions that provide our staff with an environment that supports enhanced comfort and productivity. With the recent expansion of the Bandung office, Mitrais management gave over an entire floor for this purpose. Find out in this article how Mitrais’ staff collaborated to create the perfect space.

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