Building Scalable and Resilient Web Applications

Scalable and resilient are crucial requirements in creating an application, especially for an application with on-premise infrastructure. This article discuss several techniques to make our infrastructure scalable & resilient.


Migration from OnPremise to Cloud​

Is migration necessary? Will it benefit your organization? This infographic presents one path that can be used as starting point for organization to migrate to cloud.


Agile Practises in Mitrais’ Client Base

In this article, we examine how some Mitrais clients are implementing Agile techniques, the benefits that can be reaped, and how to avoid some potential pitfalls.

Vincencia Tika Dianti

Meetrais Tika: Welcoming A New Addition to the Bali Office Family

In this article, we’re not going to talk about technical strategies for testing a website. Instead, let’s have an inside look at the recruitment process experience at Mitrais.


How HIS Can Help Hospital Achieve KARS Accreditation

How would a Hospital Information System (HIS) contribute to the accreditation process in hospitals? This article explores the benefits of how a good HIS can help hospitals raise their standards to meet the KARS accreditation.

Client Story PYBAR

Filling the Gap

PYBAR, one of Australia’s premier mining services companies, successfully improved their systems and resolved challenges with internal integrations with our help.

SWD Article - What is DevOps

Everybody Speaks About DevOps, but What is DevOps?

The term DevOps is currently the subject of lively discussion in the tech world since the first time it used at a conference in Belgium in 2009. But what is DevOps really?


5 Reasons that Continuous Testing Might Fail

Continuous Integration is an established practice in software projects to continuously merge the source code changes made by different developers. This article highlights some of the challenges that can arise in the area of testing in large projects.


Journey to Becoming A Spring Framework Ninja

The Spring Framework is a Java application framework that is powerful yet lightweight compared to the Java Enterprise Edition. It also provides an abstraction to other popular frameworks such as Hibernate, Thymeleaf, JMS, etc, so they can be easily integrated. Discover the path you should follow to become a Spring Framework Ninja here.


PAS – A Step Before HIS Implementation

Patient Administration Systems are vital for effective hospital operation and management, and provide numerous functional improvements. This article explores the benefits of having such a system installed in your healthcare facility.


GO – with the Flow

Go programming language has been growing strongly in popularity since first introduced to the public in November 2009 and declared ready for production in May 2010. Find out more of the driving force behind the development of Go here!


TypeScript – The Pragmatic Approach

Good reasons are needed to introduce new languages and technologies into existing environments and projects. This article will elaborate the use of the TypeScript language to determine which problems in web projects are solved by its use. Click to read more!


Remember Rancamaya

It feels like all ingredients of our Mitrais outing 2019 blend in so nicely together as part of our #mitraislife experience. The fun of Mitrais Outing 2019 hasn’t stopped yet. Catch all the fun on that day in this article!

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