Our Clients Testimonials

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SPRY Scheduler supported us to obtain quick results for several scheduling scenarios that required adjustments. The main point is time efficiency in creating a detailed scenario required by the management. Mitrais has professionally help us in finding solutions for problems that occurred on site.

Karolus Magnus Santosa, Strategic Planning
TechnologyOne, Australia

We have partnered with Mitrais since 2009. They have very talented people and being in a similar time zone works for an Australian company like us.

Edward Chung, CEO

Amidst the downward trend in coal prices, the company will, of course, carry out efficiency measures on all sectors, including mine planning by using mine scheduling software and by re-sequencing mining blocks. SPRY is mine scheduling software that is affordable, but powerful enough to handle the re-sequencing of mining blocks quickly and easily. SPRY can also display line distances in its scheduling, which allows mine engineers to do sequencing engineering to reduce one of the biggest contributors to mining cost, namely the overburden (OB) distance.

Setiady Maruli Ikhsani, Mine Planning & Tech Services Manager

On behalf of the MediRecords management, I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by you on bringing Cairns HHS live 3 days ago. Your diligence, self-motivation as well as dedication to always go the extra mile in order to achieve the best possible results is really admirable.

The management team at MediRecords know the amount of effort that you put into your job and we want to assure you that your efforts are significantly appreciated. Once again, thank you so much! We are lucky to have you on our team.

Fei Teng, IT Manager

Mitrais' professional service shows their good reputation. We had a good training session with the Mitrais team and learned a lot from their technical expertise.

Bayu Arismanto Aditya, Manager of Development Department

"Professional, Collaborative, Communicative, and Supportive" are the words I'll use to describe Mitrais Team. We'd like to express our appreciation to Mitrais for all the contributions and outstanding resources.

M Nanda Rimansyah​, Innovation Engineering Lead

Thanks Mitrais, the progress you made was excellent. Our distributed team worked well together. Mitrais’ team skills and learning ability is excellent. We have been impressed with the Mitrais team ability to learn our patterns and to contribute strongly as part of our overall team.


Alex Baburin, Chief Operations Officer
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We have been using SPRY Scheduler to support our operation since last year. Our scheduling process is 1.5 times faster than before. It really reduces our time, effort and cost. Mitrais provides an excellent support, through good communications and the software itself is at affordable prices.

Joko Triraharjo, Operation Director

I have been a mining professional for over 20 years and I am experienced with most mine planning software on the market. SPRY provides 3D animation and is one of the best mine planning systems available today, and is great value for money.

Hary Irmawan, Mining Technical Services Manager
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We're very happy with Wendy's work. In fact, things are progressing much swifter than I initially anticipated and at an exceptionally high quality.

Rory Koehler, CTO
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By using SPRY, middle and long-term planning options can be done faster, and this is very important for the top management in order to make strategic decisions in terms of operations going forward.

Dede Wijayanto, Mine Operation Division Head

From what I'm seeing during the transition to Work-From-Home, the Mitrais team is all performing and engaging very well - as if they are working from the office. From a technical point of view, our technical lead is seeing the same. There is no downside at all with them working from home.

Each of the team members are just as self-managed and self-organised. Even when working from home, they collaborate exceptionally well, making them a strong self-managed team. They're brilliant!

IOOF Representative,

With more efficient supply chain process, our production cost will be more competitive. Ultimately this will improve our competitiveness in terms of market share. Thank you Mitrais for your assistance.

Yulius Rinardwiatma, Warehouse Operations and Inventory Control

SPRY is very useful for long-term planning from clients, especially clients who have an IUP. SPRY can create many mining scenarios very quickly in order to keep up with fluctuations in coal prices. The support provided by the Mitrais team is very good and they are always fast to respond.

R. Teguh Sapto Subroto , Operation Management

Mitrais provides RYCO with the availability of qualified resources who can scale depending on our requirements and business challenges, and the ability to constantly deliver four drivers: Cost, Capacity, Collaboration, and Process.

Adam Rollo, Head of IT - RYCO Group

We often have to adjust our scheduling scenarios, but SPRY makes it easier to do it. It's fast, easy to use, and with the helpful support from Mitrais, we do not find any difficulty in operating it.

Aidil Kurniadi, Head New Initiative

Mitrais provided engineers to Xendit's Engineering Ops team. These engineers have been adaptable, agile and responsive to the team's needs in automating Engineer and new-hire on-boarding. I look forward to greater collaboration with Mitrais

Siu Yin Loh, Engineering Manager (Operations)

We are pleased with SPRY Scheduler. It is very helpful in our scheduling process and easy to use. The support from Mitrais is always excellent. Their quick response and assistance are very good.

Hery Kuncoro, Deputy Technical Manager

I would like to share with you the positive experience we have so far since all this has begun. We haven’t had any issues with your staff transitioning to a remote working model and from a key projects perspective, we continue to see active engagement and good delivery output from the team. We continue to run our usual stand up, technical meeting etc with 100% utilisation of our collaboration tools like jira, MS Teams and zoom without any issues.

Well done to all the Mitrais team for keeping the operations going during these times.

Ben Teo, Chief Project Officer

We have an increase in speed and productivity after using SPRY. SPRY is very user-friendly with simple database setup. This mine scheduling software is powerful to create detailed scheduling scenario in faster time. It's easy to make adjustments to the scenario when required. It's also very easy and convenient to communicate with Mitrais team, they always share new updates and tips on SPRY and we highly appreciate it.

Eddy Susanto Abdi, Mine Planning Manager

Mitrais is a very important partner of our Software Engineering function at Ocean Software. They are extremely professional and have a talented team of engineers. Even with the impact of COVID, the Mitrais team have been able to continue working effectively remotely to deliver required results. While the partnership is still young, we are looking forward to building a long-term partnership. ​

Ben Spera, Head of Software Engineering and Product
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We chose Mitrais due to its proven capability and nearshore advantages, which include working in a similar time zone as our Australian team, enabling real-time collaboration and direct responses. Mitrais’ staff communicate well in English, and maintain a thorough daily and weekly reporting regime as required by the agile processes used in developing the software. We find that Mitrais is a preferable offshore solution compared to more distant offshore development options such as India or Eastern Europe.

John Woodbridge, Managing Director

We have been very fortunate to be able to get a highly engaged & high-ownership individual from the Mitrais team. Their talents have been able to be integral parts of the TipTip engineering team and contribute on par with the in-house team.

Panji Gautama, CTO

At BeMoved, We've had the pleasure of collaborating with the Mitrais developer team and are extremely satisfied with their work. They were assigned to develop and improve our product, and they've done an excellent job. We'd like to thank Mitrais for their dedication and expertise.

Makoto Ishijima, Tech Lead

We would like to appreciate all of your hard work and dedication during the WMS migration project in Swift. Mitrais has made a great impact on the team, WMS v2.0  will be rolled out starting on June 20th, and we could not achieve this without your help. Keep up the good work!

Rony Herdianto, Senior Engineering Manager

Fast response, helpful, and has a very reliable technical team to support the client's needs, making the software transitional process easy and efficient. Thank you Mitrais, for your support.

Nurcholis Labay, Technical Services Manager

We have engaged with Mitrais continuously since January 2021 for the provision of .Net developers to augment REIWA’s internal team. I have found Mitrais flexible to work with, professional, and well organised. The development resources they have supplied have been knowledgeable, productive, and an integral part of our team.

Michael Bailey, Executive General Manager ICT

We enjoy using SPRY as it has a user-friendly interface with better animation to present the report. It also improves our effectivity because we can instantly check the result of both the graphic and Gant chart in outlook or excel more precisely and accurately. We can also create different simulation scenarios without changing the setup from the start.
We wish to highlight Mitrais' support since they always provide quick responses and share new materials every month. Their friendly trainers are also helpful and open for discussion over issues we experience on-site.

Dwi Hartanto, Engineering Section Head

Mitrais has been with Bayan Resources for a long time, and their service has been amazing, just like family. They respond quickly and, of course, solve our problems.

Dwi S Nurhayati, Section Head

Mitrais is a prominent strategic partner in mine engineering, particularly in the coal mining industry. We'd like to thank you for your valuable assistance over the past two decades. To us, Mitrais has been an unwavering partner since the early stages of our journey as mine engineers.

Yudi Aryanto, Head of Engineering

We've been working with the Mitrais team to ensure software quality at OnlinePajak since 2021. Their team has consistently delivered on expectations while also contributing to the improvement of our development process.

Michael Sulistijo, Principal Engineer

I’d like to take a moment to highlight the exceptional experience we’ve had with Mitrais, who has helped us identify top design talent for a complex Saas platform. Our daily engagement with the team, their ability to go above-and-beyond, and cost-effective nature of the relationship has accelerated our growth as a start-up without the cutting of corners. We’ve been thoroughly impressed with the work thus far and look forward to expanding our relationship with Mitrais as our technical needs grow.

Philip K., Co-Founder & CEO

Mitrais did a good job for the CAC Olive web application, using Agile methodology. We worked together with their 20 professional and skilled software engineers for more than a year to finish this project. Despite the language and time zone differences, we appreciate their effort to get the project done. We enjoyed working with them and look forward to another project collaboration in the future.

Royko Seino, Manager

I have worked with several Mitrais engineers in the past for different companies and different projects. They have been superb and reliable; they always pose a critical position in the team. The longer I work with them, the more I get thoroughly impressed with how highly responsible, critical and detailed they are, which made a huge difference in the success of our project.

Martha Christina, Product Owner

Mitrais team continuously provides their best service. Helping us with mining operations optimally and continuous improvement for the better. Thank you Mitrais for your assistance.

Jimmy Mart Lester, Project Manager

It has been a real pleasure working with the Mitrais team on the development of our web application. They have helped us turn our vision into reality. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment have made them an invaluable partner for us. Highly recommended.

Hugh McCaffrey , COO

The Mitrais team has shown great performance, motivation, and work ethic. I’ve worked with them for almost one year, and I admit it initially took us a bit to get going. We also had to figure out how to define work properly in a way that made sense early on without having to get up to speed on the entire solution. But, once we got into a rhythm, we could work it out well. I’m glad to have them on my team because they can pick up multiple projects using multiple tech stacks without any issues. I definitely will recommend Mitrais’ team positively to my colleagues.

Damian Karzon, Senior Lead Engineer

We initially made the choice to engage Mitrais and utilize their services due to the attractive value proposition they put forward and their ready availability of skilled resources compared with the local market at the time. Having worked closely with our assigned team, we have been impressed by the professionalism, technical competency and commitment of both the technical resources assigned to us and the management team. Not only has the quality of their work been consistently high, but also they are great guys to work with. Our decision to engage with Mitrais has so far proved to be a good one and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

Simon Taylor, CTO

We are delighted with the performance of the Mitrais developer team. They have been responsible for supporting and enhancing our applications, as well as implementing best practices for CI/CD environments. Throughout the engagement, they have demonstrated professionalism and a commitment to producing high-quality work. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

David Miranda, Senior IT Managing Consultant

Mitrais is famous as one of the legends in the Indonesian mining industry. The products they have launched are very helpful to our projects. Without any doubt, I'd say they all are professionals in this business. They could find the problems and obstacles as soon as possible and meet the solutions to the client's needs.

Abdul Rahman Saleh, Engineering Ass. Manager

We chose to work with Mitrais because of their value for money and service capability as well as being able to create strong partnerships. We look forward to seeing how Mitrais can benefit from the use of TeamRetro and it's been great to see the commitment, passion and interest from the Mitrais team-members, who feel like they are part of the fabric of the team.


Jeremy Lu, CEO/Co-Founder

I would like to appreciate Mitrais for providing an excellent partnership and assigning an Analyst Programmer who has made a significant contribution to our projects. His expertise in .NET, C#, and Azure has seamlessly integrated into our team, successfully taking over multiple applications. His professionalism and adaptability exceeded my expectations. I look forward to our continued collaboration and achieving further success together.

Christanto Taneda, IT Manager

We are very satisfied with the services provided by Mitrais in assisting us to set up a more reliable cyber security system in our company. All of their team members are highly skilled, professional, and helpful. We are looking forward to further cooperation with Mitrais.

Drajat Wijanarka, HRD Manager

Mitrais has become a strategic partner for Arutmin for more than a decade. Product support and services provided by Mitrais have proven to improve our business by adding more perspective on evaluating a deposit. Mitrais has also demonstrated the agility and sufficient adaptive ability in answering current and future challenges.

Kresno Adiprasetyo, Arutmin Indonesia Representative

Outsourcing an IT team overseas isn’t easy, but the Mitrais team has made it simple. They’re able to accommodate ever-changing requirements and be flexible and as dynamic as the business needs them to be, as well as producing a high-performing team with suitable skill sets as required. Delighted with the engagement, highly recommended.

Hariestu Dandi Wisambudi , Chief Information Officer

We have been working with Mitrais in the development of an advanced decision support platform. The capabilities of each Team member are exceptionally strong. The Team works cohesively with great commitment to fortnightly sprints and daily standups. Our project is progressing on schedule, within budget, and deliverables to date are of the highest quality. We have no hesitation in recommending Mitrais as an excellent software development partner.

Terrona Ramsay , Director

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent job that Mitrais has done. I’m extremely grateful for the interface work they assisted with and other projects more generally. Thank you, Mitrais, for your dedication, hard work, and the exceptional results delivered. I look forward to more collaboration and success ahead!

Dr Caroline Lee , Director & Group Chief Executive Officer

Having observed the Mitrais Quality Assurance engineering team for several months now, I am incredibly impressed. All through their work, they have displayed a clear ability to pick up important issues during testing that have enabled our mobile features to be delivered with reduced bugs and greater quality. This work was also key to us receiving strong customer ratings on our mobile apps. The team has picked up on the intricacies of our domain very well, demonstrating excellent attention to detail and significant understanding of our ways of working and processes. Mitrais always performs beyond what we expect. They have been collaborative and supportive, working with a large development team in different ways, and have demonstrated one of our company values: “Strong Together”.

Insignia Financial Representative,

Banlaw engaged Mitrais as a software development partner as part of our first venture into outsourcing software development. The project involved redeveloping an existing thick client application as an ASP.NET MVC application. The entire team at Mitrais worked hard to ensure our project was successful and together we’ve achieved some important milestones and met critical deadlines. The management and team at Mitrais have been professional, flexible and accommodating to our needs and continue to strive to meet our expectations. Our engagement with Mitrais has been very successful.

Jeff Barker , Managing Director

Having Mitrais to support us has been a great help. It's always nice to have a professional team who is easy to communicate with to be on your side. Great work Mitrais!

Erwan, Engineering Dept Head

Our team had the pleasure of collaborating with the Mitrais team, and we were fortunate to work with an exceptional team player who quickly adapted to our codebase and demonstrated an admirable ability to comprehend the complexities of our system. Their self-sufficient work style, combined with their receptive attitude towards feedback, has been instrumental in helping us achieve our project goals. We are grateful for the contributions of the Mitrais team and look forward to continuing our collaboration with them.

Rob King, Director

We greatly appreciate the assistance Mitrais has provided us in terms of IT security.
As their customer, we highly value their commitment to ensuring the safety of our systems. Their professional approach and expertise have significantly helped solve problems and provide suitable solutions. What we love the most is the detailed and user-friendly report on IT security testing, which gives us valuable insights and practical recommendations to enhance our security. Thank you, Mitrais, for the exceptional support!

Dimas Ansori Putra, IT Supervisor

Mining plans can change rapidly due to fluctuating coal prices. With Mitrais Mining Solution, our mine planning process has become significantly more efficient. Thank you, Mitrais.

Burhanuddin, Engineering Superintendent

SPRY brings a significant change to our work. It is a precise, low- cost software with reliable performance. The services provided by Mitrais are outstanding. They are very communicative and professional in explaining SPRY products.

Uki Cipta Alam, Technical & Reporting Manager

My experience of working with Mitrais has been very positive. Their team is very accommodating and helpful. They are resourceful with technical guidance, and their friendly response has been a great help for us.

Souvik Roy, Senior Mining Planner

I just wanted to say that I was quite impressed with the talented software engineers from Mitrais for having done and sorted out a strategy in the project. The efforts saved lots of the team’s time by taking ownership and bringing clarity which is not always easy. These issues are complex and opaque to non-technical people but could be delivered successfully and in a manner that is easy for others to understand. The approach to the work taken by the team is brilliant; they proactively search for resources to collect more knowledge. Great to see the Mitrais talents going over and beyond and delivering such great values to the project.

Insignia Financial Representative,

We are pleased with the performance of the team from Mitrais. Bright and proactive, showing a positive attitude, they have demonstrated a high standard of Mitrais software engineers. We are undoubtedly considering hiring additional developers from Mitrais in the future.

Anil Roychoudhry, CTO

SPRY accelerates the completion of scheduling jobs in 2 to 3 days, which normally takes about a week. SPRY can perform mine scheduling in more detail, not only related to volume but also working geometry. Besides, Mitrais provides excellent support and quick response.

Wahyu Irawan, Technical Support

I am impressed with the team members at Mitrais. They have advanced technology expertise and communicate fluently in English. The Mitrais team excelled in responding to technical and design challenges while incorporating guidance and feedback consistently well. Their engagement with the Ramesys Internal team was awesome. I have no hesitation in both recommending them and in continuing to work with them on our current and future projects.

Sonya Preece, Technical Product Manager

From our experience in using SPRY, it is user-friendly and accommodating our requirements in producing several mining scenarios. SPRY helps us to run scheduling process faster that increases our productivity. The support from Mitrais team is also reliable, they are quick to respond and provide the best assistance to our issue.

Udin Solehudin, Engineering Manager

Partnering with Mitrais was a seamless experience. We were able to quickly find highly talented engineers who ensured a seamless transition from the previous development team.  I’ve been impressed with the level of support Mitrais gives to both its clients as well as their staff to ensure project success.

Michael Cerbara, Co-founder

I'd like to call out a great achievement with outstanding work done by the team. The project has come up against a number of unique challenges, however, they have reached a significant milestone whereby their work reached 100% approval without any objections from our client’s architecture board. They do high-quality, excellent detailed, and very easy-to-read documentation. Thanks to the Mitrais team contribution in this project. Well done to the entire team!

Paulo Robson Luz, Scrum Master

With SPRY, we can effectively and efficiently run scheduling simulation using different scenarios. It helps us finish scheduling tasks faster. We are also satisfied with Mitrais’ swift response, especially with their system that allows us to check our latest ticket status.

Mario Nurdianto, Long term & Mine Development Engineer

Mitrais continuously provides their best service. Their professional team are quick to respond, and we always have a good discussion with them. We enjoy the entire process with them. Good work, team!

Endro Laksito, Mine Geology and Planning

SPRY is used both on-site and in the Jakarta office for short-term, mid-term and long-term scheduling. The fast running scheduling process in SPRY really helps us so that the work of scheduling becomes easier and faster and this increases company productivity. The support services provided by Mitrais are also quite good.

Eka M. Ali Iqbal, Operation Manager

SPRY is very helpful for mine-planning on site. Moreover, SPRY can be developed in lighter item reports, which is very easy and helpful. So far, the support of the Mitrais team regarding every question about SPRY is very good.​

Sahrul Sukri, Engineering Superintendent
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We engaged Mitrais as our development partner in bringing one of our core products to market. The risk profile of this project was very high – we had a new product being developed from the ground up and it was our first near shore engagement. From the initial discussions through to the execution and delivery of the product, the team at Mitrais showed a degree of professionalism and commitment to the project that exceeded our expectations. The ability to deliver the project on time and to a high quality gives us confidence that we can continue a sustainable and rewarding relationship. A big thank you to all the team members!

Grey Properjohn, Divisional Manager - Product Development

“Mitrais helped us during the last 11 month developing our web-based solution. Their competent, motivated and hard-working developers are an asset and demonstrate outstanding customer orientation. When needed, they walk the extra mile and are very reliable, also in case of urgency. We are very pleased with the performance and the overall results and are looking for continuous fruitful collaboration. We can genuinely recommend Mitrais to work with. A BIG THANK YOU to the team, making our idea a reality.”

Georg Roth, Founder and Director

I would like to thank you for the quality of service Mitrais provided that exceeded the price it deserved. Thank you to your cooperation, we have acquired a new client. I believe we will have another chance to work together on the next project.

Masahiko Fukushima, Director

Rather than offloading a software development project to a remote team and hope for the best, we have decided to extend an existing team by adding programmers from Mitrais. We think that this is the best way to maintain a cohesive and productive team.

Ivan Zelina, CTO

The Xactimate Project has been a big project for the business over the last few months and whilst there are still a few final things that we will need to work through and iron out, I wanted to personally thank you for your hard work and dedication. We certainly consider you as an extended part of our Business Improvements Team here at Bay Building Group and we really appreciate your ongoing efforts, thank you!

Kane Malherbe, CEO
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It was with some concern that we chose another offshore development partner having had very poor results from our attempts in Sri-Lanka. So far, we are more than happy with the results we have been getting from Mitrais. Our team has exceeded our expectations both in terms of quality of work and speed of turnaround. They have been quick to understand the business requirement and have been willing to add ideas and voice concerns about design flaws and other potential issues. Whilst our captive team is only small, we have been very grateful for the back up support provided by other people throughout the organisation. We see this relationship as very successful and one that will last for many years.

Richard Hazeltine, Director

We’ve been working with Mitrais team to do a few projects that allow DANA to deliver great software products. Collaborating with them for nearly two years now, but feels like we've been working closely much longer than that. The team is great, and the results are also amazing.

Ashadi Sedana Pratama, Software Development Engineer Lead
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Mitrais have absolutely delivered for us. They took the time to really understand our needs, researched how best to meet them, and then delivered to contract on time and to quality. I look forward to using them again in the future and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Professor Eddie Blass, Founder and CEO
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I will give Mitrais a 10 out of 10. The team is great and things run smoothly, which you can tell from the fact that I have never had to raise any major concerns. All of this is due to Mitrais' great processes which does make things easier to manage. I also love the fact that it’s always possible to use those excess man-days as corporate days for upskilling the team in new technology which is not something easy to find from other providers. It is a very valuable part of the service that Mitrais provides overall, being able to provide team members that are trained or have the opportunity to go and learn those new technologies without sacrificing their time in the project. So, I think that’s a huge positive for the services.

Jim Lim, Global Research and Development Manager

We engaged a Mitrais team in one of our projects for 2 years. They did not only provide us with system developer roles, but also business analysts and testers. Mitrais could performed efficiently with great teamwork and delivered excellent, professional supports to the project and customers.

Ferdinan Firmansyah, Division Head

We are glad to have partnered with Mitrais' talent, who have shown their commitment to the target timeline, responsibilities for any issues found, the fast responses for the solution needed, and of course, we are waiting for more projects involving Mitrais talent.

HSBC Team, Account Onboarding Enhancement Project
Ignition Wealth

I wanted to say just how greatly we value the job your Mitrais’ developer is doing - she is an extremely valuable part of our back-end team! Her technical level is strong and her work ethic and commitment as well as fitting in well with our team is really fantastic.

Mike Giles, CTO

We incorporated a Mitrais programmer as part of our development team and have been surprised and happy with the level of skill and commitment that the programmer has provided to our team. We were able to provide the programmer with a wide range of tasks that they had never encountered before and was able to perform and deliver without any issues. The Mitrais supporting team is also extremely helpful and provides great support.

Anthony Tjea, Chief Technology Officer

As an innovative European-oriented IT company, we were looking for a professional and flexible development partner to continuously improve our own software product. In Mitrais we have found a very professional delivery partner and advisor, that helps us to turn our vision and wishes into state-of-the-art software, quickly, first-time-right and with clear communication. We hope to work together for a long period of time.

Dennis Wustefeld, Director

We partnered with Mitrais on a project to migrate a legacy mobile application into the React Native framework. This was the first development project that we had outsourced. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to work with Mitrais. We assigned one analyst programmer, one software tester later in the development stage, and partial time of UX designer. We liked the ability to scale the team up or down as required and are happy with the results. Thank you!

Bruce Anderson, Director

My observations and experiences of the Mitrais team are they are smart, dedicated and hard-working resources – certainly, a great asset to have!

Peter Davies, CTO
Zuuse Pty Ltd

We're very happy with Mitrais’ work. The elasticity help us to grow the business anticipating the future growth and allow Zuuse to be flexible

Jason Lilienstein, CEO

We have been working with a small team of Mitrais developers for several months now and found them to be very competent and a beneficial addition to our company. We have assigned them to work on maintaining and improving a multitude of our desktop and mobile web applications, which cater to both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) platforms. They have also been involved in a rewrite project, which is progressing well. They are highly professional and fit in well with the rest of our team. I have no doubt we will be continuing our relationship with Mitrais for many years to come.

Jason Fletcher, Senior Developer

We are very pleased with the work the team has completed so far, and your attention to detail on the request made of you. You have set the bar quite high for yourselves, we are expecting great things moving forward.

Simon Fairall, Technical Team Leader

Thanks to Mitrais, Quantiseal now has new capabilities and licensable software and ready for marketing campaign. We are happy with what Mitrais has provided.​

Mark Smith, Director

We engaged Mitrais to augment our team to maintain and further enhance our childcare management system. The Mitrais team has shown their outstanding performance right from the start. Even though the team members are collaborating across different locations and time zones, they have integrated alongside our existing team seamlessly and take ownership and pride in delivering a quality product to our customers. We look forward to a continued long-term relationship with Mitrais.

Adrian Karzon, CTO

“We are very happy with the work of Mitrais team. We started by having their 3 testers assigned to our Mobile App Development, Back-Office, and Integration with 3rd Party Services projects. The team has been demonstrating good performances to ensure that the application is running well to support our business. Recently, we added a Designer and Project Manager team from Mitrais to support our projects.”

Indriani Puspasari, Product Manager

We engaged Mitrais for full-time on-site developers with skillset that is scarce in the market to be placed in our head office. Mitrais not only able to meet our demand but during this engagement the team assigned has been showing their professionalism and best quality of work. Not only finishing the tasks we have delegated, the developers have also been contributing in giving ideas in order to improve the development process.

Muhammad Suhada, GM IT Development
horizon business systems

Mitrais was established in Bali 15 years ago primarily to service the requirements of the Australian market. This combined with an Australian and Indonesian management team means that Mitrais understands how to do business in Australia and overcomes the cultural challenges you might find in other offshore development companies. All Mitrais staff speak English and the geographical location in Bali means they provide the benefits of a 'nearshore' development centre. We are looking forward to building a long-term relationship with Mitrais.

Michael Pendred, Managing Director
icomplain logo

We’ve been working with Mitrais staff for several months now. They are a good, competent offshore software development service provider, with good progress reporting and task management arrangements in place. Their Bali based development center is three hours behind Sydney, which is challenging but can be managed with modern online work flow tools such as Slack and Pivotal Tracker. All communications are with English speaking staff. Online video conferencing is as effective as email or the online development tools previously mentioned. So far so good. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Mitrais.

Dion Weston, CEO

In three months of collaboration with Mitrais, Krakatau Steel has successfully launched our first exclusive digital product for our customers. Mitrais has helped us with our digital transformation journey by delivering high-quality software and excellent teamwork. It is great to have a partnership to take our company to the next stage.

Weni Purwaningrum, VP Business Enabler & ICT, PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk
IOOF Holdings Limited

Working alongside our internal teams, the Mitrais teams have enabled us to undertake much needed technical and UX upgrades of our websites and backend, while also delivering a steady stream of new features that offered real value to our business. They have provided us with talented pool of developers that are willing to tackle any challenge presented to them and the flexible and elastic structure of the teams allows us to utilise them on a variety of different types of projects.

Michael Peyper, Technical Methods Coach
EarthCheck Australia

EarthCheck engaged Mitrais as a captive team to help build the next generation of our innovative sustainability platform EarthCheck. We conducted an interview process and chose two excellent developers. Both developers were keen, hard-working, friendly and had great technical skills. With their help we met our deadlines and delivered a quality product. We hope to maintain a long-term relationship with Mitrais and look forward to working with them in the future.

Darren Langley, Software Development Manager

Mitrais, with their solid team and pool of resources, has grown into being a strategic partner for DKatalis. The quality of the developers and testers that they provided are the best compared to any other similar firms providing the same service.

Vincentius Ivan, Director
intelli messaging logo

We have recently contracted Mitrais to provide resource based application development services for our business. Locally we have found it very difficult to employ skilled and productive resources for development work. The team that Mitrais has provided has been of very high quality, in their development skill, speed of delivering functional code, ability to learn existing application coding and in their interpretation of system end-user requirements. I would rate their developers in the top 10%. The procedures that are adopted by the developers to re-interact their understanding of the requirements makes certain that our requirements are properly understood. I highly recommend Mitrais.

Peter Humphries, Director

We engaged a senior tester from Mitrais as part of our quality team. The additional resource worked well with our QA requirements. Overall, we are happy with the outcomes and commitment provided to support our testing.

Paul Eddison & Thomas Buckel, Co-Founder and Director
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We engaged Mitrais in one of our projects to modernize a website. During the engagement, Mitrais team distinguished itself through its professionalism and quality of service. Mitrais team has delivered outstanding services and demonstrated a commitment to excellence since the inception of our partnership.

Andy Pranoto, Director

Mitrais initially provided very useful technical advice and resources to develop integration between our required systems and they were able to supplement that with detailed analysis of the financial requirements relating to our products and services. Most importantly, Mitrais continues to provide quick response times in resolving technical issues supporting the day to day operations of our IT.

Rex Kelly, General Manager of Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
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We selected Mitrais because of its ‘nearshore’ proposition in Bali. The benefits include excellent response time, advanced technology skills and most importantly all Mitrais staff speak English which makes the communication easy.

Asher Alhassid, Delivery Manager

We have been working with Mitrais for 10 months now and have been very impressed with their ability to quickly learn how our software works and become exceptionally valuable members of our team in such a short period of time. They have been great to work with and we look forward to continuing this good relationship on a long term basis.

Dylan Sherman, Operations Manager

We engaged Mitrais to scale our internal development team. The engagement is awesome and their developers able to works hand in hand with our internal team with less to no friction. The whole Mitrais support (not only their developers), from Account Management, Project Management, Finance, Customer Relationship, etc has been exceptionally good and we are happy with their services. We look forward to continuing this good relationship on a long term basis.

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Niche Fashion, a provider of software solutions to the fashion and apparel industry, has been working with Mitrais for almost three years now in providing ongoing support for our fashion software solutions. We initially tried out the captive team engagement by undertaking a project to add an SSL certificate on a retail website to ensure secure online transactions through payment gateways. The engagement was proven to be a working solution to our software development need. Now, we are employing two full time Mitrais resources (with an addition of two junior programmers we engaged for short term documenting the products). The engagement works well for us and we look forward to fostering a long term relationship with Mitrais.

Peter Pakarinen, Director

Mitrais initially provided very useful technical advice and resources to develop integration between our required systems and they were able to supplement that with detailed analysis of the financial requirements relating to our products and services. Most importantly, Mitrais continues to provide quick response times in resolving technical issues supporting the day to day operations of our IT.

Rex Kelly, General Manager of Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
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It was clear from the first visit to Mitrais' office in Bali that they are a professional organization in every regard. They have well established processes and take security of their client's data and intellectual property seriously.

Stephen Baldry, CTO

We first approached Mitrais to create a virtual offshore team as replacement for our existing ones. Mitrais has given us a pool of talent that we can utilize in moments notice with ability to scale up and down the team size. This has proven to be effective and economical way for us to develop our solutions.

Mahdi Loutfie, Solutions Architect
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Red Planet Software engaged 3 Mitrais developers just over a year ago. We have been more than happy with their work and also with our relationship with Mitrais. Their development has been of a high standard and they have been able to remotely work well with other 10 members of our development team in Australia. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mitrais to other organisations looking to contract part of their software development.

Peter Williams, Founder and CEO
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I have found with Fachri and Vera to be productive and less stress. Their ability to deliver work in an efficient time and to be of the high quality we expect is commendable to them and their support network. Their preparedness to meet our internal processes and documentation requirements has given us the confidence to grow into this arrangement further.

Brenton Wild, Technical Services Manager

Our experience with Mitrais has been excellent. The team has done a great job in helping us on our network service desk. We value their quick and responsive support to us.

Adam Soudure, Head of Enterprise Services
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We chose Mitrais because of its reputation and client base. While it was more expensive than some of the other Asian offshoring centres we were more confident about doing business with Mitrais. We also took into account that if we need to visit Bali to brief our captive team then it was no different than getting on a plane going to Melbourne and relatively inexpensive.

James Selleck, Director

Hello All,

Wanted to highlight some of Andika’s recent work especially his work on GDPR and NDACH releases. He’s grown from strength to strength in past 1 year.His work is very well documented and he’s been thorough in thinking through all the new features and bug fixes he’s working/worked on. Please let me know if there’s some way in which we can let him know of our appreciation for his contribution.

Eshwar Rao, Engineering Lead

We really enjoy how easy it is to use Spry Scheduler. It is user friendly and very helpful for our work. Another thing that we enjoy is working with Mitrais team. Their quick response and high-quality solutions are beyond our expectation.

Yodi Budiana, Geology & QC Superintendent

We do not find any difficulty in using SPRY. It's powerful, fast, and great for presenting mining scenarios. Mitrais and their team always professionally assist us in using SPRY. It's easy to contact them and have an open discussion on issues that we have. We find it a great combination of powerful software and resourceful support from Mitrais.

Safrudin Sulaiman, Deputy Division Head Operation, Kepala Teknik Tambang (PT Maruwai Coal, Group Company of PT Lahai Coal)

We find SPRY very helpful, and its 3d visualization helps us presenting the mine scheduling plan in more informative ways to the stakeholders. SPRY is easy to use and time-saving. With any plan changes, SPRY can respond and apply the changes right away. The Mitrais team also gives exceptional support service with their quick responses.

Albert Tempessy, Mining Manager

Using SPRY helps our scheduling process to run faster. Even if we need to make adjustment and create different mining scenarios, SPRY can deliver it without any delay. This is also how we feel about Mitrais team, they are quick, helpful, and resourceful in providing excellent support for us.

Daroji Muhammad, Engineering Manager
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We enjoy doing business with Mitrais and we are very happy to have found them as our offshore development partner. Their team has good communication skill, works productively at high tempo and is quick to respond. They are also highly skilled in relevant technologies with a passion for continued learning. We can say that Mitrais team has enabled us to achieve success with complex projects in demanding time frames.

Tim Schneideman, Managing Partner

As a Mineplan Engineer, I am required to be able to provide input on mine sequences that are applicable and of economic value. With Spry, I can produce several scenarios with easy setup changes and a fast process. Spry also has the flexibility in purchasing licenses so that we can choose the purchase scheme based on hours or full time annual. Not to mention that there are no maintenance costs so it is very helpful for company pockets.​

Muhamad Arie Cahyono, Mineplan Manager
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Team Mitrais was very cooperative, collaborative, and supportive during the transition which helped with the change management process.

Tarang Waghela, Head of Enterprise Software Transformation
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I worked for Mitrais before, so I know about their quality and professionalism. When the company needs a partner in software development, I know whom to look for.

Devid Andriyano, CEO
low code development mitrais client

I just wanted to express my appreciation and offer a well done to the entire Inspections team at Mitrais. You have all been doing a really great job under pressure and your hard work is greatly appreciated by everyone over here at IT Vision and by our clients. Keep up the great work everyone.

John Williams, Web and Enterprise Team Lead
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