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Flutter Whitepaper

Flutter: A Comparative Analysis

In this white paper, Mitrais evaluates Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, Cordova, Kotlin. Get the full report by downloading our white paper.


Business Intelligence Tools Comparison 2021

In this white paper, Mitrais evaluates Power BI, Google Cloud BI and Zoho Analytics. Get the full report by downloading our white paper.


Testing Automation Tools Comparison 2020

This White Paper updates the previous Mitrais’ evaluation of testing automation tools from our Quarter 3 2018 newsletter to evaluate Ranorex, Katalon Studio, Mabl, and TestCafe.


Comparison of Kubernetes Service Offering from AWS, Azure and Google

In this white paper, Mitrais evaluates managed container services from the 3 major cloud platform providers. Get the full report by downloading our white paper.


Google Flutter Comparison with Native Mobile Development

This White Paper was developed to evaluate Google Flutter (a Google’s mobile UI framework for developing high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time) against native mobile development (Android and iOS Swift).


Testing Automation Tools Comparison

This White Paper was conducted to evaluate MUIT (Mitrais UI Test Automation), Squash TA with Selenium as a Test Automation tools, Telerik Test Studio, Ranorex, Testim and Katalon Studio and to assist in choosing the correct test automation tool. Download and get our complete white paper here.

White-paper-The-Internet of-Things-An-Evaluation of-Vendor-Solutions

The Internet of Things An Evaluation of Vendor Solutions

This white paper updates the evaluation of eight selected IoT development vendors, highlighting the advantages and limitations of their solutions to assist Mitrais customers in choosing the best IoT platform for their needs.


Comparing VueJS to Other Javascript Web Front-End Frameworks

Nowadays, the number of Javascript frameworks are growing rapidly. If you are going to implement VueJS as your framework, we invite you to learn further about the framework through our comprehensive result. Download our white paper to read more. 

Automation Testing Tools Comparison

Mitrais Special Report: Testing Automation Tools Comparison

Implementing test automation can be a daunting prospect, even though it can increase productivity. Fortunately, there are available platforms to manage creation of scripted test scenarios. Find out how Mitrais compare these automated testing platforms through our Special Report!


Mitrais Special Report: The Internet of Things (IoT) An Evaluation of Vendor Solutions

Internet of Things offers benefits through the connected management of electronic devices world-wide. Get our full report of the most popular vendors of platforms that connect devices and develop software solutions to consume and analyse data from IoT connected devices. 


Mitrais Special Report: Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

The problem with data is not on assembling data but on how to use your data. It requires Business Intelligence solution and with wide range of BI solutions, an investigation has been conducted to search what these BI solutions have to offer. Get our Special Report for free to help you decide!


Mitrais Special Report: Hybrid Mobile Framework for Cross-Platform Mobile Application

Developing a cross-platform app is a convenient option – one source code for multiple platform. Problem is: which framework to develop it with? Get our Special Report for free to help you decide!

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