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Mitrais Professional Training

Elevate your skills with our in-depth training programs for the SPRY Scheduler and SPARX Systems’ Enterprise Architect. Grab this opportunity and let our training pave the way for your expertise!

Mitrais Professional Training

Mitrais offers an extensive range of training packages for Spry Scheduler and Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect suitable for all types of clients. We offer public training courses in Bali and Jakarta, in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, and are happy to deliver on-site and customised courses for clients who have more specific training requirements. Click below to see the details, schedule, and cost of each training.

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Spry Scheduler Training

Make full use of Spry Scheduler by leveraging your insights. Mitrais provided Spry Scheduler public training as well as client-specific customized training.

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Sparx System Training

Master the power and flexibility of Enterprise Architect. Acquire knowledge of the most recent Enterprise Architect and UML versions.

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Reach new heights with better insights!