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Ellipse Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Ellipse EAM is a purpose-built EAM and enterprise resource planning solution that delivers business outcomes at a sustainable and superior cost of operations and capital investment. The solution instills best practices and processes to help you manage assets from day-to-day and throughout their lifecycle. The flexible design supports asset-intensive organisations of all sizes, ranging from the largest and most complex operational environments to those that are implementing an asset management strategy for the first time. With Ellipse EAM, you can respond faster and make better decisions about assets that directly impact the bottom line.

Powerful Reporting and
Analysis Tools

End-to-end best practices

End-to-end best practices asset and work management, supply chain management, human resources management and financial management.

150+ preconfigured business

Over 150 preconfigured business processes add knowledge and business maturity to incorporate and sustain best practices.

Flexibility Solutions

Solution flexibility to accommodate even the most complex workflow processes.

Preconfigured functionality

Preconfigured functionality allows predictable scope at a consistent price, with solution delivery in as little as 90 days.

Continuous improvement

Enables continuous process improvement in line with ISO 55000 recommendations.

SaaS solution

Available as a SaaS solution or as an on-premise deployment.

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SPRY Scheduler supported us to obtain quick results for several scheduling scenarios that required adjustments. The main point is time efficiency in creating a detailed scenario required by the management. Mitrais has professionally help us in finding solutions for problems that occurred on site.
Karolus Magnus Santosa • Indonesia
Strategic Planning, PT Kaltim Prima Coal
We often have to adjust our scheduling scenarios, but SPRY makes it easier to do it. It's fast, easy to use, and with the helpful support from Mitrais, we do not find any difficulty in operating it.
Aidil Kurniadi • Indonesia
Head New Initiative, PT Darma Henwa, Tbk.
Mining plans can change rapidly due to fluctuating coal prices. With Mitrais Mining Solution, our mine planning process has become significantly more efficient. Thank you, Mitrais.
Burhanuddin • Indonesia
Engineering Superintendent, PT Kutai Energi
With SPRY, we can effectively and efficiently run scheduling simulation using different scenarios. It helps us finish scheduling tasks faster. We are also satisfied with Mitrais’ swift response, especially with their system that allows us to check our latest ticket status.
Mario Nurdianto • Indonesia
Long term & Mine Development Engineer , PT Hasnur Riung Sinergy
Using SPRY helps our scheduling process to run faster. Even if we need to make adjustment and create different mining scenarios, SPRY can deliver it without any delay. This is also how we feel about Mitrais team, they are quick, helpful, and resourceful in providing excellent support for us.
Daroji Muhammad • Indonesia
Engineering Manager , PT Banjarsari Pribumi
As a Mineplan Engineer, I am required to be able to provide input on mine sequences that are applicable and of economic value. With Spry, I can produce several scenarios with easy setup changes and a fast process. Spry also has the flexibility in purchasing licenses so that we can choose the purchase scheme based on hours or full time annual. Not to mention that there are no maintenance costs so it is very helpful for company pockets.​
Muhamad Arie Cahyono • Indonesia
Mineplan Manager, PT Bumi Barito Mineral
We really enjoy how easy it is to use Spry Scheduler. It is user friendly and very helpful for our work. Another thing that we enjoy is working with Mitrais team. Their quick response and high-quality solutions are beyond our expectation.
Yodi Budiana • Indonesia
Geology & QC Superintendent, PT. Mifa Bersaudara
We do not find any difficulty in using SPRY. It's powerful, fast, and great for presenting mining scenarios. Mitrais and their team always professionally assist us in using SPRY. It's easy to contact them and have an open discussion on issues that we have. We find it a great combination of powerful software and resourceful support from Mitrais.
Safrudin Sulaiman • Indonesia
Deputy Division Head Operation, Kepala Teknik Tambang (PT Maruwai Coal, Group Company of PT Lahai Coal), PT Lahai Coal
We find SPRY very helpful, and its 3d visualization helps us presenting the mine scheduling plan in more informative ways to the stakeholders. SPRY is easy to use and time-saving. With any plan changes, SPRY can respond and apply the changes right away. The Mitrais team also gives exceptional support service with their quick responses.
Albert Tempessy • Indonesia
Mining Manager, PT Binuang Mitra Bersama Blok Dua​
Give the highest appreciation to Mitrais with its great team that understand client's need and know how to deliver it timely.
Matius • Indonesia
Finance Director, Asmin Bara Bronang and Asmin Bara Jaan
SPRY is used both on-site and in the Jakarta office for short-term, mid-term and long-term scheduling. The fast running scheduling process in SPRY really helps us so that the work of scheduling becomes easier and faster and this increases company productivity. The support services provided by Mitrais are also quite good.
Eka M. Ali Iqbal • Indonesia
Operation Manager, Sungai Danau Jaya

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