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Accelerate Agility. Reduce Costs. Maintain Securely.

With Mitrais DevOps Consulting, we focus on collaborating with your team to create effective automated solutions to help you move fast while remaining secure.


Get To Market Faster While Remaining Secure.

Get ahead of your competitors by leveraging Mitrais DevOps Consulting. Our experienced team helps to combine development and operations, creating automated solutions that bring speed-to-market without sacrificing quality or security standards. This enables scalability in a cost-efficient way.

We use our decades of development experience in collaboration with your in-house team and processes, revolutionising old practices to bring about transformative change to your development team. To compete in a fast-paced market, we bring the benefits of faster time-to-market rates, cost-efficiency improvements and scalability, all while remaining secure and meeting international standards.


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We're very happy with Mitrais’ work. The elasticity help us to grow the business anticipating the future growth and allow Zuuse to be flexible

Jason Lilienstein
Jason Lilienstein
CEO - Zuuse, Australia

We’ve been working with Mitrais team to do a few projects that allow DANA to deliver great software products. Collaborating with them for nearly two years now, but feels like we've been working closely much longer than that. The team is great, and the results are also amazing.

Ashadi Sedana Pratama
Ashadi Sedana Pratama
Software Development Engineer Lead - DANA Indonesia, Indonesia

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