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Agile Development with Staffing When You Need Them.

Adjust your team to match the demand with Mitrais’ Agile software experts available onhand when you need them.


Flexible Development Solutions.

Finding a flexible and agile solution for your development projects can be tricky, especially when you are limited by budgets and resource allocation. Mitrais’ near-shore software product development team is the solution. Our expert developers provide the extra support you need to stay competitive without increasing your in-house teams or resource requirements.
All Mitrais developers have been hand-selected through rigorous selection processes to ensure the highest quality and trained in the latest security and international standards. Effective and agile software product development is achieved with Mitrais.

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Build-Operate-Transfer in Software Development – A Success Story

ABB finds BOT Build-Operate-Transfer model as the perfect strategy in its partnership with Mitrais. BOT represents the best of outsourcing model with additional benefits to the right organisation, which shows an example of creative strategy from a world-class software development organisations.

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Bank of the Future: A Bank for Everyone to Grow Together

Bank Jago is a technology-based bank with aspiration to enhance the growth of millions through life-focused digital financial solutions. Mitrais is pleased to support Bank Jago's aspirations by becoming a partner in software development and software testing services starting from 2020. Read the full story in this article.

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