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Mining Solutions

Our mining solutions have provided 200+ clients with the tools they need to maximise efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. With years of experience, our range of products are designed to streamline processes while still delivering reliable results.

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Robotic Process Automation

With a keen focus on providing the best customer experience, our banking solutions equip your customers with personalised experiences designed to take their digital experience to new heights.

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Enterprise Architect

Our Enterprise Architect product is the perfect tool to help your team reach their goals faster by creating agile and reliable systems. With its high-grade documentation and reporting capabilities, you will have no trouble staying on track.

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Mitrais Cyber Security

Our new product!

Defend your organisation from today's digital threats with our leading cyber security products. Safeguard valuable customer data and protect yourself against malicious attacks. Everything you need to succeed in this modern age of technology.

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Some clients that we developed products for expanded into new markets with measurable success. Let's get you on that list.
SPRY Scheduler supported us to obtain quick results for several scheduling scenarios that required adjustments. The main point is time efficiency in creating a detailed scenario required by the management. Mitrais has professionally help us in finding solutions for problems that occurred on site.
Karolus Magnus Santosa • Indonesia
Strategic Planning, PT Kaltim Prima Coal
We greatly appreciate the assistance Mitrais has provided us in terms of IT security. As their customer, we highly value their commitment to ensuring the safety of our systems. Their professional approach and expertise have significantly helped solve problems and provide suitable solutions. What we love the most is the detailed and user-friendly report on IT security testing, which gives us valuable insights and practical recommendations to enhance our security. Thank you, Mitrais, for the exceptional support!
Dimas Ansori Putra • Indonesia
IT Supervisor , PT Nichirin Indonesia
My experience of working with Mitrais has been very positive. Their team is very accommodating and helpful. They are resourceful with technical guidance, and their friendly response has been a great help for us.
Souvik Roy • India
Senior Mining Planner, Thriveni Earthmovers Pvt Ltd
Amidst the downward trend in coal prices, the company will, of course, carry out efficiency measures on all sectors, including mine planning by using mine scheduling software and by re-sequencing mining blocks. SPRY is mine scheduling software that is affordable, but powerful enough to handle the re-sequencing of mining blocks quickly and easily. SPRY can also display line distances in its scheduling, which allows mine engineers to do sequencing engineering to reduce one of the biggest contributors to mining cost, namely the overburden (OB) distance.
Setiady Maruli Ikhsani • Indonesia
Mine Planning & Tech Services Manager, PT Berau Coal
Mitrais' professional service shows their good reputation. We had a good training session with the Mitrais team and learned a lot from their technical expertise.
Bayu Arismanto Aditya • Indonesia
Manager of Development Department, PT Kideco Jaya Agung
I have been a mining professional for over 20 years and I am experienced with most mine planning software on the market. SPRY provides 3D animation and is one of the best mine planning systems available today, and is great value for money.
Hary Irmawan • Malaysia
Mining Technical Services Manager, Sarawak Energy Resources
By using SPRY, middle and long-term planning options can be done faster, and this is very important for the top management in order to make strategic decisions in terms of operations going forward.
Dede Wijayanto • Indonesia
Mine Operation Division Head, PT. Borneo Indobara
We often have to adjust our scheduling scenarios, but SPRY makes it easier to do it. It's fast, easy to use, and with the helpful support from Mitrais, we do not find any difficulty in operating it.
Aidil Kurniadi • Indonesia
Head New Initiative, PT Darma Henwa, Tbk.
Mitrais has become a strategic partner for Arutmin for more than a decade. Product support and services provided by Mitrais have proven to improve our business by adding more perspective on evaluating a deposit. Mitrais has also demonstrated the agility and sufficient adaptive ability in answering current and future challenges.
Kresno Adiprasetyo • Indonesia
Arutmin Indonesia Representative, PT Arutmin Indonesia
We have an increase in speed and productivity after using SPRY. SPRY is very user-friendly with simple database setup. This mine scheduling software is powerful to create detailed scheduling scenario in faster time. It's easy to make adjustments to the scenario when required. It's also very easy and convenient to communicate with Mitrais team, they always share new updates and tips on SPRY and we highly appreciate it.
Eddy Susanto Abdi • Indonesia
Mine Planning Manager , PT Indominco Mandiri
Mining plans can change rapidly due to fluctuating coal prices. With Mitrais Mining Solution, our mine planning process has become significantly more efficient. Thank you, Mitrais.
Burhanuddin • Indonesia
Engineering Superintendent, PT Kutai Energi
We are very satisfied with the services provided by Mitrais in assisting us to set up a more reliable cyber security system in our company. All of their team members are highly skilled, professional, and helpful. We are looking forward to further cooperation with Mitrais.
Drajat Wijanarka • Indonesia
HRD Manager, PT Visichem Intiprima

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