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LinkOne is a graphical content delivery solution that provides correct and timely part information to a large and geographically dispersed network of dealers and operators. It is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for manufacturing plants and other asset maintenance organisations. LinkOne’s superior publishing, distribution, and viewing systems make all forms of electronic parts and service information available at the touch of a key via the internet, intranet, or distributable media. It smoothes the way for an easy transition from disparate parts manuals to electronic catalogues.

LinkOne Features

Spare parts management plays an important role in achieving equipment availability at an optimum cost. Downtime for plant and equipment is expensive. The non-availability of spare parts as and when required for repairs contributes to as much as 50% of the total downtime, and the cost of spare parts is more than 50% of the total maintenance cost in most industries.

Publisher solution

Publisher solution for aggregating content such as CAD drawings, paper drawings, technical documentation and operations manuals, and producing illustrated parts catalogues for delivery to dealers and customers.

End-user visualisation

Content viewer solutions for end-user visualisation of published content through a web browser or desktop client.

2D & 3D visualisation

Support for 2D drawings and 3D visualisation and animations, parts lists, technical documentation, videos and disassembly/reassembly instructions.

Various graphics

Various graphics filters for importing CAD, vector, raster and printed document formats.

Hot-point equipment drawings

Capability to hot-point equipment drawings, linking assemblies to parts lists and related documentation.

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We have been using SPRY Scheduler to support our operation since last year. Our scheduling process is 1.5 times faster than before. It really reduces our time, effort and cost. Mitrais provides an excellent support, through good communications and the software itself is at affordable prices.
Joko Triraharjo • Indonesia
Operation Director, PT Putra Perkasa Abadi
Amidst the downward trend in coal prices, the company will, of course, carry out efficiency measures on all sectors, including mine planning by using mine scheduling software and by re-sequencing mining blocks. SPRY is mine scheduling software that is affordable, but powerful enough to handle the re-sequencing of mining blocks quickly and easily. SPRY can also display line distances in its scheduling, which allows mine engineers to do sequencing engineering to reduce one of the biggest contributors to mining cost, namely the overburden (OB) distance.
Setiady Maruli Ikhsani • Indonesia
Mine Planning & Tech Services Manager, PT Berau Coal
We are pleased with SPRY Scheduler. It is very helpful in our scheduling process and easy to use. The support from Mitrais is always excellent. Their quick response and assistance are very good.
Hery Kuncoro • Indonesia
Deputy Technical Manager, PT Madhani Talatah Nusantara
Having Mitrais to support us has been a great help. It's always nice to have a professional team who is easy to communicate with to be on your side. Great work Mitrais!
Erwan • Indonesia
Engineering Dept Head, PT Bina Sarana Sukses
Fast response, helpful, and has a very reliable technical team to support the client's needs, making the software transitional process easy and efficient. Thank you Mitrais, for your support.
Nurcholis Labay • Indonesia
Technical Services Manager, PT Borneo Prima
Mitrais is a prominent strategic partner in mine engineering, particularly in the coal mining industry. We'd like to thank you for your valuable assistance over the past two decades. To us, Mitrais has been an unwavering partner since the early stages of our journey as mine engineers.
Yudi Aryanto • Indonesia
Head of Engineering , PT Prima Karyatama Nusantara
Mitrais team continuously provides their best service. Helping us with mining operations optimally and continuous improvement for the better. Thank you Mitrais for your assistance.
Jimmy Mart Lester • Indonesia
Project Manager, PT. Kaltim Diamond Coal site Berau Coal
From our experience in using SPRY, it is user-friendly and accommodating our requirements in producing several mining scenarios. SPRY helps us to run scheduling process faster that increases our productivity. The support from Mitrais team is also reliable, they are quick to respond and provide the best assistance to our issue.
Udin Solehudin • Indonesia
Engineering Manager , PT Harmoni Panca Utama

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