Testing in CI/CD

CI/CD is a term that is used regularly when talking about modern software development, and may be a technique already in place in your team. But what does each part of CI/CD mean, and what part does testing play in this methodology? We’ve got the answers below.


Testing Automation Tools Comparison 2020

This White Paper updates the previous Mitrais’ evaluation of testing automation tools from our Quarter 3 2018 newsletter to evaluate Ranorex, Katalon Studio, Mabl, and TestCafe.


Moving to Flutter

Since its presence in 2018, some companies have used Flutter as the solution to their application development. So, what makes some companies move to use Flutter?


Mitrais Goes All-In on SCRUM Certification

The range of accreditations that our SCRUM Certified Professionals have already achieved is broad. This just one more demonstration of our commitment to providing world’s best services that add value to your business.


Ease the Distance through Virtual Meetups

As part of its employee engagement practices, the Mitrais Human Resources team has set a new routine to ensure every Mitrais employee is both physically and mentally healthy through a simple “how are you” call. Read this article to find out more.


Carefactor – Helping Families Care for Older Loved Ones

Carefactor provides a great tool to help families provide the care and attention that older family members need to stay independent and healthy, and Mitrais is excited to be a part of developing such necessary and helpful solutions for families around the world. Read the full story in this article.


Meetrais Farian: Assignment in The Land of Sakura. Sugoi!

Meet Farian Hadi Saputra, an analyst programmer of Mitrais’ Yogyakarta Office, who’s had the experience of having an international assignment to the country famous for its cherry blossom trees, Japan.


The Bootcamp Strategy by Mitrais’ CDC

In 2016, Mitrais established our Competency Development Center (CDC) to facilitate Technical Bootcamps. This is a revolutionary approach to talent development in Mitrais. Read this article to find out more.


Indonesian-Australian Free Trade Agreement from July 5, 2020

Following extensive negotiations over several years, Indonesia and Australia have ratified the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) which will come into effect from July 5, 2020.


How to Manage Your Remote Team During Crisis

In this article, one of our Engagement Managers shares his experience in managing his team remotely. See some tips that might be useful for your company to adapt.


Rob Mills, The Homecoming

Sometimes, once is just not enough, and that must be the case for Mitrais’ new General Manager, Rob Mills. Read his story in this article.


Infrastructure as Code Using Terraform – Creating an AWS Virtual Private Cloud

In this article, we are going to implement Infrastructure as Code (IAS) using Terraform to build cloud infrastructure on AWS.

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Functional Sizing in Agile Projects

Agile methodologies, like SCRUM, are popular process frameworks often applied to contemporary software development services. This article discusses options for Sizing and estimation of Agile projects.

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