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Juanda Radha Pratama: A Journey of Growth and Excellence in Software Testing at Mitrais

“The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it.”

Epicurus, Greek philosopher

Imagine the dopamine rush that hits you when you successfully executed two prestigious Fintech projects abroad as a Quality Assurance Tester. It is a sweet victory because you majored in Mobile Telecommunication instead of Software Testing in the first place. This article follows the phenomenal success of Mitrais Software Tester, Juanda Radha Pratama, and how he paved the way to his dream job. 

The Road to Becoming a Tester

Juanda Radha Pratama, also known as Juan among his colleagues, started his career in Mobile Telecommunications in 2016. After a couple of years, despite enjoying his job, there was a void that Juan wanted to fill, so he switched his career gear and moved lane to Software Engineering. “I was craving more excitement, so I decided to level up and dove headfirst into the wild adventure of Software Testing,” recalled the QA Tester.  

The switch was no easy task for Juan. Graduating from Electrical Engineering meant he had a lot on his plate to catch up with the current testing regimen. But giving up was not in his vocabulary. He rolled his sleeves and explored knowledge of quality assurance and software testing by himself and with fellow friends who already worked in the field on coffee shop hangouts. 

Landing His First QA Role 

Juan’s hard work paid off; in 2018, he landed his first job as a Software Quality with an Austrian company that provided service for government security in some European countries. The QA Tester who enjoys listening to Pop and RnB songs admitted, “2018 was a game changer for me – I knew my life would never be the same again. That year, I got my first Tester role and stayed with the company for two and half years.”

Unlocking Mitrais’ Gate

Juan wanted to break through the wall, so he applied for another testing role at Mitrais, the region’s biggest and most reputable IT company. “Fast forward, the stars aligned for me, and 2022 became my year. After a competitive recruitment process, I was ecstatic to score Mitrais.” said the health nut who enjoys weightlifting and running.  

A Thriving QA Tester

In Mitrais, Juan soon became one of the top-notch testers who often got praise from international clients for his performance. Juan credited his current company for his immense professional growth, “At Mitrais, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to explore the world of Software Testing, learning the ropes and becoming a pro. Thanks to Mitrais’ CDC system, I’ve been able to track my progress and truly solidify my knowledge in software development.”  Juan is grateful for Mitrais’ national and international clientele, which offers a diverse environment and partnerships that moulded him into a versatile, reliable team player. He shared, ” Working at Mitrais also enables me to work closely with a diverse team, and it’s been a blast — we come from different cultures, mindsets, and even time zones, but it has been a driving force for me to step up my game. Cheers to a friendly, warm, and supportive work environment.”

Valuable Insights 

With Mitrais, Juan has been working on fintech projects for two Australian companies, and his contributions have revolutionised their businesses. When asked for tips on being a valuable QA, the Tester revealed, “Diving into the dynamic realm of software testing, especially in fintech, demands more than just spotting bugs. A high caliber software tester excels in qualities such as nailing precision with every click and code, crafting feature descriptions into scenario masterpieces, and achieving a ninja-level understanding of the product.”

Balancing Work-Life Harmony

Besides being a Tester, Juan balances life by spending quality time with loved ones and working on his creative pursuits. He finds doing so a breeze since he worked in Mitrais. “I work hard and balance my life – the Mitrais way! Even with job demands, I’ve got time for family, friends, hobbies, and epic vacations.” Who would have thought the Tester with eagle eyes for bugs also enjoys measuring ingredients and baking delicious homemade cookies with his sibling? His creativity doesn’t only revolve in the kitchen; it extends to music. He loves to sing and add his unique flair to iconic Pop and R&B songs, transforming them into fresh, captivating cover songs. Juan shares his covers on social media to showcase his talents. When he’s not wearing his apron or headphones, he loves hunting for a good cup of coffee with friends or working out.

Mitrais is proud of Juan’s work and his other pursuits in making work-life balance. For us, we only see a brighter future from here. Keep it up, Juan!

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