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Mitrais Office Iftar: Resuming Tradition, Bringing People Together

With the pandemic fading away in the background, this year, Mitrais finally could resume its long tradition of having the office Iftar - a gathering to break the fast together. You can imagine the euphoria when the event finally came. Read this article to learn more about the festivities!

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Arya's Story: Work-Study Balance

Going back to university while having a full-time job could be challenging. However, with commitment and, of course, a supportive workplace, anyone can wear the cap and gown again. In this article, we are diving into the journey of I Made Arya Agung Wiranatha, who earned his master’s degree while working full-time as an Analyst Programmer in Mitrais!


Winning Both Worlds: Apriliana Nur Rahmawati on Manifesting Successful Motherhood and Career 

In this day and age, a workplace like Mitrais understands the challenges that modern women face and stands with them. Apriliana Nur Rahmawati is one of the nine-to-five moms who chose both worlds unapologetically with Mitrais. Let’s flip through her journey as a mother and a professional. 

Live, Code, Groove

Live, Code, Groove: Matthew Kalempouw on Being a Father, Professional Developer, and Bassist

Matthew is proud to say that he uses both his left and right brains equally for music and logic. Besides being the talented, creative bassist that he is, the musician is also an Analyst Programmer in Mitrais. Writing, testing, reviewing codes, and solving complex problems are staples for Matthew who kickstarted his career with the company in 2018. Read this article to learn more about Matthew's journey with Mitrais!

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Concluding 2022 with Lots of Surprises in a Combo Event: Open Forum & Happy Hour

Mitrais held a festive combo event to celebrate the successful business year: a fun fusion of the hybrid online and offline Open Forum and happy hour at all the offices last December. Read this article to know more about the event!


Mitrais Receives a Globally Recognized ‘Great Place to Work’ Certification

Mitrais recently received a Great Place to Work (GPTW) Certification, solidifying our commitment to attracting high-end talent and building a loyal team that will continue to enhance our brand. Read more about the certificate and what it means for Mitrais in this article!


A Training and Retreat to Remember: Mitrais Teams Gear Up for Future Growth

The Mitrais Team’s recent Training and Retreat Program in Bali was a resounding success as it boosted the cohesiveness and focus of the attendees. The participants from Mitrais Headquarters focused on leadership and communication for virtual teams. Read more about the training and retreat in this article!


Mitrais Innovathon 2022: Celebrating the 5th Innovating Season to Win Golden Tickets to Japan

Have you ever imagined building your brilliant idea and teaming up with resourceful, creative people while standing a chance to hit the jackpot? Mitrais can make it real through Innovathon, an annual competition where employees collide together in a fun, competitive quest to bring out new brainchildren and win remarkable prizes. Read more about Innovathon in this article!


Deni Verantika on Improving the Mining Industry with SPRY

Behind many contented smiles of successful mining companies, there is one go-to person from Mitrais: Deni Verantika, the company’s Business Development Consultant. Specializing in the mining industry, Deni has helped make mining procedures easy and effective with SPRY Scheduler, a mining software offered by Mitrais. Read this article to get a closer look!

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Mitrais Genshiken: Illuminating Japanese Culture in Mitrais

Whether you are up to learning something new or just want to chill with like-minded colleagues, Mitrais sponsors diverse social clubs to help you balance your work and personal life. Recently, the company has initiated the launch of Mitrais Genshiken, a Japan-enthusiast club that has enticed about 80 members from Mitrais Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Bandung. Read this article to find out what the hype is all about.


Yin and Yang: Rani Suryaningsih Draws Her Work-Life Balance

Since joining Mitrais in 2019 as a Training and Development Facilitator, Rani has been easily balancing work, personal interests, and hobbies. Flexible working hours means she can fill her days with more than just work; she can bake delicious treats, go for a run, and gaze at the sunset, all while maintaining peak productivity. Read more about it in this article!


Win-Win All Around: How to Maintain a Good Relationship with International Clients

Whether you are a first-timer determined to win the international clients’ hearts, or someone intending to improve relationships with long-term foreign clientele, we got you covered. Read this article for tips from Wendy Sanarwanto, one of Mitrais' Analyst, on navigating a relationship with overseas clients.

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