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Live, Code, Groove: Matthew Kalempouw on Being a Father, Professional Developer, and Bassist

The bass, no matter what music you’re playing, just enhances the sound and makes everything sound more beautiful and full.” – Charlie Haden, legendary bassist

If there is one thing that Matthew Kevin Kalempouw understands well in music, it is the importance of harmony. With great rhythmic sense when strumming the strings of his jazz bass, Matthew bridges the drumbeats with the rest of the band eloquently. He knows when to let his tunes fall softly in the background and when to stand out to give a rhythm complexity that adheres a pleasant feel to the music. Matthew also comprehends that life too, just like a gig, should be carried out with balance and harmony to live it to the fullest. Let’s tune into Matthew’s life partiture on how he can have them all: an accomplished career, a loving family, and thriving hobbies.

Matthew is proud to say that he uses both his left and right brains equally for music and logic. Besides being the talented, creative bassist that he is, the musician is also an Analyst Programmer in Mitrais. Writing, testing, reviewing codes, and solving complex problems are staples for Matthew who kickstarted his career with the company in 2018. Fortunately, Mitrais encourages employees to have a good work-life balance. “Since I joined Mitrais, I’ve rarely worked overtime. I have much time on my hand after work and on the weekends; therefore, I can always manage my time for my family and my hobbies,” admitted Matthew.

Balancing Work and Life

Being a father of one, he prioritizes his family life without compromising work quality and time to enjoy his musical pursuit as a bassist. “After work, I can play with my adorable daughter and our dog, as well as spend quality time with my beloved wife. We often stroll around in our neighborhood for some fresh air.” pictured Matthew. Because, at Mitrais, he gets to choose whether, to WFH or WFO, he can be around at home all day.  He is so grateful to build a family where he can watch his own daughter grow before his very eyes and pass down his wisdom directly to her with incredible bonding.

Besides family time, to unwind, he plays video games, watches movies, and indulges in his inner compulsion: playing bass. “Bass is a unique musical instrument that plays the lowest notes in the band and makes a groove,” explained Matthew. “I play my four-string jazz bass almost every day at home, from quick rehearsal to composing new music. It helps to melt stress away; allowing me to lead a healthier and happier life with the dopamine rush that renews me.” he pointed out. The nuances that a bass offered to music tickled his fancy in senior high school. The young Matthew showcased his talent before audiences for the first time at church. Since then, he has initiated a band, participated in competitions, and performed many gigs. Today, he plugs his bass guitar at church, weddings, and office events such as Mitrais happy hour and outings.

Getting Started with Your Hobby

Want to start a hobby? Matthew encourages giving bass a shot. “To start learning, get yourself one – a precision bass or jazz bass is good for beginners because it is simple and easy to use. Next, hop on YouTube and find videos that teach you to play bass from scratch. To make it fun, find or build a community, so you can maintain your gigs to get more experience and grow there. For example, you can form a band, participate in a music group, or sign up for a music school. And the most important things are practice, practice, practice.” suggested the fan of Jaco Pastorius, Alain Caron, and Barry Likumahuwa.

Matthew’s story of his harmoniously balanced life confirms that where you work impacts how your time and energy are distributed in every aspect of your life. The good news is you have a choice of where to land a career. With Mitrais, you don’t have to compromise and yes, you can have the best work and personal life.

Time to create yours and #JoinMitrais today.

Author: English Trainer Team

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