Yin and Yang: Rani Suryaningsih Draws Her Work-Life Balance

Since joining Mitrais in 2019 as a Training and Development Facilitator, Rani has been easily balancing work, personal interests, and hobbies. Flexible working hours means she can fill her days with more than just work; she can bake delicious treats, go for a run, and gaze at the sunset, all while maintaining peak productivity. Read more about it in this article!


Next.js Framework; Simplify Your Web Building

Have you ever tried to create a React app? Then you will remember all the time it takes to set up our environment and optimization. In this post, we will introduce you to Next.js, a JavaScript framework to create React apps that handle the hassle for you. Read this article to know more!


The Benefits Of Using Clean Architecture in Golang

Clean Architecture is a design pattern that uses the concept of "separation of layers," a technique used for many years by software engineers. With Clean Architecture, we change one part of the code with minimal impact on any dependent code. Learn more about Clean Architecture in Golang in this article!


ReactJS with SASS/SCSS

Have you ever thought about style management? Styling is one of many processes during the web building process. As the development grows, its stylesheets increase in size and complexity, making them harder to maintain as time passes. Read more about how a CSS pre-processors can come in handy in this article!


Win-Win All Around: How to Maintain a Good Relationship with International Clients

Whether you are a first-timer determined to win the international clients’ hearts, or someone intending to improve relationships with long-term foreign clientele, we got you covered. Read this article for tips from Wendy Sanarwanto, one of Mitrais' Analyst, on navigating a relationship with overseas clients.

Hexagonal Architecture

Hexagonal Architecture Design Pattern

Alistair Cockburn developed hexagonal architecture, or ports and adapters architecture, and used it for designing software applications. We insert inputs and outputs at the edge of our design with hexagonal architecture. It allows us to isolate the central logic of the application. Since our inputs and outputs are on edge, we can switch their handlers without affecting our core code. Read more about hexagonal architecture design pattern in this article!


Five Tips to Implement Rolling Ramp Offset Dependency in Build Ramp Sequence of Scheduling

Ramp is one of the mandatory aspects to build a scheduling model. The existing ramp sequence on the scheduling will help the operation team to execute the plan. Read this article to know the tips to implement a ramp on the scheduling model using one of the dependency features called rolling ramp dependency.


Using Microsoft Azure Functions to Process Messages from Azure Service Bus

There are several ways to process message in a Service Bus Messages Queue. One of the approach to handle the Azure Service Bus Messages Queue that is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and includes powerful functionality is to use Microsoft Azure Functions. Learn more about it in this article!


The Beacon of Hope: Inspiring Leaders at Mitrais

It is no secret that the key ingredient to a successful organization is its leadership. Reputable for its rock-solid management, Mitrais has stood the test of time and grown even stronger as the largest software hub in the region. Behind the success, there are competent leaders tirelessly adjusting the sails when the wind of change blows. Read this article to find out more about how three of many admiring leaders in Mitrais: Chandra Cipta, Nyoman Victoria, and Charles Trader leads their teams.


How RPA Improves Customer Service

By automating repetitive and mundane tasks, RPA can free up customer service representatives (CSRs) to provide higher levels of customer service. In addition, RPA can better assist the improvement of First Call Resolution (FCR) rates and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores. Read more about it here!


Repository Pattern Implementation in PHP 

Sometimes we have to deal with a growing team, different types of people, and different ways of writing code. With repository patterns, we can make codes more maintainable. Read this article to know how to implement it in PHP!


Healthy Habits for Programmers

Programmers often view programming as a sedentary activity, sitting hours in front of computers and pulling all-nighters. Read this article to learn about healthy habits and practices that programmers can easily implement in their lifestyles.

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