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Mitrais Social Club: Summoning All Mini Soccer Fans in Bandung

Have you been running on work and the adulting hamster wheel lately? Yes, life can get dull at times when you’re trapped in the same patterns. So, why not break the boring cycle by giving social clubs a shot? Imagine immersing yourself in a club where you get to meet people who share your zest and have a whale of a time together. It is a breath of fresh air: you make new friends, take a break from mundane routines, and explore your interest while melting the stress away. Sounds impossible to arrange for adults with a full-time job?

Well, it won’t be a problem if your workplace encourages the work-life balance by offering various in-house social clubs. Fortunately, Mitrais accommodates and sponsors diverse social clubs for staff, so you can skip the googling. This time let’s focus our lenses on Mitrais Bandung mini soccer club and why it could be just the thing for you.

Sports Enthusiasts’ Gem

Who wouldn’t take pleasure in a fresh breeze, green grass in sight, and speedy strikes in the company of workmates outside your 9 to 5? These make the mini soccer club popular among the sport’s fans in Mitrais Bandung. The club members always look forward to the third Saturday of each month to hit the court in their jerseys at Fanshop Mini Soccer Stadium Cimahi. From 8 to 10 AM, they play a casual match under the warmth of the morning sun against their skin, chasing the ball, scoring goals, and flexing their teamwork with speed and endurance. It’s a fast-phased sport, so if you’re in, you’ll develop the ability to constantly read the game and make quick decisions to anticipate the opponent’s next move: such a fun adrenalin pump.

Play, Connect, Excel

Rizal, a member who participates in the club because of his passion for soccer, commented, “This club is lit. it’s so refreshing to zone out from work and daily chores once in a while, doing sports that we enjoy. I guess, besides the match, one of the things that I eagerly anticipate is the friendly conversations that come afterward. It feels so good to connect with others after releasing endorphins during the match. I get to chat and share a few laughs with other colleagues across different teams and projects – people that I won’t talk to otherwise hadn’t I joined the club in this hybrid workspace era. They are fun to hang out with and highly competitive in the game. It keeps me striving to bring up my best game too,” spilled the programmer.

Nostalgia Rush and Sister Club Offer

Fajar Zulni, the club’s president, shares his excitement, “It’s a platform that gives us a reason to get out of bed on Saturdays and indulge in our favorite sport. Not only is the activity invigorating, but it also kind of nostalgic for me because during the match, I can reminisce about my childhood playing soccer with schoolmates in the afternoons – such a fond memory,” he recounted.

Fajar added that the mini soccer club has a sister club, “If the mini soccer court is too vast for you and you’re not an early bird, join our afternoon futsal club instead. We play on the first Wednesday of each month from 6 to 8 PM at 76 Futsal. Now that you got a choice to suit your preference, mark your calendar and have some kicks with us,” invited the striker.

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