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Improve Mine Scheduling with SPRY Scheduler

Coal price fluctuations mean that mining companies need various scheduling options to ensure that mining operations are in line with the market. One of the most challenging parts of mine planning is having the ability to produce fast and accurate scheduling options that can be applied for short, medium, and long-term planning. Therefore, mining companies need an accurate and fast scheduling application system to satisfy this need.

Mining engineers need to consider the challenges in scheduling different scenarios, so they need the right software for different conditions such as:

  1. Scripting is required to import data from others to run complex mining scheduling
  2. The systems for Mining Scheduling and Haulage are separated
  3. The systems for Manual and Auto-Scheduling are different
  4. Interactive visualisation and georeferenced images are required
  5. Un-development product

Spry scheduler, as a scheduling solution, provides users with an integrated toolset for mining scheduling and haulage. It includes automatic and manual systems that work for short-term, medium-term and long-term planning.

Spry Scheduler is also very user-friendly in use. There are no scripting files, and most of the actions are provided within the menus.

SPRY Scheduling is a millennial scheduling product which provides users a simulant of source, dump, haulage scheduling in one system, and shows the process in an unrivalled 3D visualisation.

Spry scheduler provides users with easy integrated tools for reporting the scenario results, and is able to handle various high-complexity report templates.

Last, but not least, SPRY scheduler provides regular software updates and clear information for helpdesk support as part of the development commitment.

SPRY Scheduler includes a complete package of solutions. A user-friendly system, it integrates Mining Scheduling and Haulage under one system. SPRY Scheduler features powerful handling of large data and complex setup, powerful reporting, interfaces to other software, and has an exceptional commitment to product development and support. SPRY Scheduler provides the solutions to many mining industry challenges.

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