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Implementation of Broken Stock Material in Drilling and Blasting Scheduling Simulation using SPRY Scheduler

A detailed scheduling simulation is currently required to deal with fluctuating mining commodity prices. One of the critical points to be considered in building a detailed scheduling model is drilling and blasting activities.

As a process carried out before any mining operation, drilling and blasting are only allowed when the hardness of the material to be mined is greater than the digging capacity of the excavators used. These processes will also more or less affect the mining sequence, which has been scheduled by a Mine Plan scheduler.

Known as a flexible scheduling application for any actual field conditions and activities, there’s absolutely no doubt that SPRY has been proven able to include drilling and blasting activities into a mining scheduling model. These activities can be formulated without or with broken stock material.

Simulating drilling and blasting activities without broken stock material can be easily performed and integrated with SPRY. Users only need to add a list of drilling and blasting material into the processes feature, as shown below, then readjust the dependencies and constraints.

While with broken stock material, simulating drill and blasting activities can be performed using an additional feature called “Initial State”. There are some aspects that need to be considered when using this feature, such as the availability of fields for preschedule calculator-initial state and broken stock material area.

As the result of the implementation, the animation and the broken stock material report can be seen in the image below.

By having the broken stock material data, not only it will create a more detailed and accurate mining schedule, but it will also generate an actual and real mining schedule plan model. And most importantly, the mining sequence result will become more comprehensive so that the expected mining targets could be achieved, without neglecting other activities taking place on-site. In the end, a mine plan Scheduler can also analyse the next schedule of drilling and blasting area and the remaining capacity of broken stock material.

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