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Mitrais Transforming Offices into Agile Workplaces

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in demand and recruitment resulting in growth in the Mitrais family. Take a brief look at how Mitrais transformed it’s offices into an Agile workspace in this article.


Kustian – Mitrais’ “Accidental” Expert

This time we follow the journey of one of Mitrais Technical Evangelist, Kustian. From zero knowledge of programming to becoming one of Mitrais’ leading experts in Java. Find out more in this article.


A Journey with Microservices – Part 2

In the previous article we discussed the advantages of Microservice Architecture. In this instalment, we will talk more about the initial process to migrate our monolithic app into microservices by creating a non-functional service called the Configuration Service. Find out more in this article.


Selecting the Right Technical Candidate from Mitrais

Once we propose the right technical candidate for your technical team, you will want to effectively interview and test them. In this article, one of Mitrais’ Account Managers discusses some different approaches to interviewing, testing, and selecting the right technical candidate.


A Journey with Microservices – Part 1

Microservices is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services. One of the benefits of using Microservices is that it is highly maintainable and testable. This article gives a brief overview of Microservices Architecture, how it works, and its benefits.

Hartoyo Barlian

Hartoyo Barlian – Man Behind Mitrais’ IT Support

In a successful company, there are a host of team members who contribute to that success. This article looks at how Mitrais’ CIO, Hartoyo Barlian manages the consistently excellent performance of Mitrais’ IT Support Team.

Meetrais Facsi ok

Meetrais Facsi: a long-term Mitrais’ Business Communication Trainer

Mitrais is straightforward about its commitment to supporting employees’ development. Here is the story of one of our trainers, his journey to get here, and his impressions about being part of the Mitrais family.

Innovathon 2019

Innov-A-Thon 2019

With the excitement of the 2019 Mitrais Innovathon still fresh in their minds, Mitrais staff are already coming up with their next great ideas for the 2020 Innovathon! We can’t wait to see their best concepts, and join in the fun!


How to Get Ahead of Market Challenges with Best Practices

Are you looking to get ahead of market challenges but find yourself struggling to keep up with the digital age? Mitrais recently helped launch MineScape version 6 to help with efficiency and effectiveness in the mining space.


Emergent Designs

Software architecture is understood to be the result of a permanent refactoring, and this approach is called emergent design. But how does emergent design work and how does it contribute to software development? Find out in this article.


Mitrais Carrot

Mitrais has a great employee reward program called Mitrais Carrot, and it’s a fun way to encourage performance and motivate our team. Take a look at Mitrais Carrot in this article.


Migration from OnPremise to Cloud​

Is migration necessary? Will it benefit your organization? This infographic presents one path that can be used as starting point for organization to migrate to cloud.

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