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A Blooming Career: How Elvira Aghasty Thrives as a Tech Professional at Mitrais  

A bright and tenacious professional, Elvira has overcome many hurdles, fulfilling her responsibilities as a mom while striving to learn new things in her career.  Find out more about how she grew her career in this article!


A Simpler Framework, Svelte

Svelte is a new approach to user interface development. Compared to other frameworks such as Vue and React, Svelte proves to be much simpler. Read this article to learn more about Svelte!


How to Create CI/CD with Github Action and Laravel

Laravel has become the most widely used PHP framework to create small to large projects that require better performance. Read this article to learn how to make zero-downtime deployment with Laravel and GitHub actions.


Overview of New Feature in ES12

The ES12 was released in June 2021, and while it has many new features, many of you may not be able to look over it yet. We have summarized all the new features from JavaScript for developers to look at. Read this article to find out more!


It's Greener Over Here: Top 6 Reasons Why They Stay With Mitrais

Wondering why some people can stay with a company for so long? Four of Mitrais’ engineers from different office bases had been brought together in a fascinating conversation about work. Read this article to find out more!


RPA in Banking

In recent years, there has been a shift in banking to utilize Robotics Process Automation (RPA) as it offers numerous benefits that can be extremely valuable to banks. Read this article to know more about RPA implementation in banking, its benefits, and some of its most common use cases.


Implementing Builder Pattern in PHP Programming Design Pattern Solution

When building code and projects for web application, following common patterns help make code more accessible and easier to manage. Software design patterns in PHP are reusable solutions to common programming problems. Read more about the implementation of builder pattern in PHP programming design pattern as a solution in this article.


Top 5 Benefits of Using BLoC Pattern

Using BLoC Pattern for Flutter is one of the easiest solutions to keep your code organized, clean, and manageable. Read more about the benefits of using BLoC pattern in this infographic!


Zero to Hero: How Roby Pramudita Hacks His Growth to Seize Programming Triumph

Roby Eka Pramudita, a Junior Programmer who recently joined Mitrais, shares tips on how his journey escalated from starting out as a trainee to receiving a glowing testimony from his client praising his programming skills and work ethic.


The Power and Functionality of Range in SPRY Scheduler

Range is an important aspect of SPRY because it is used to build specific and comprehensive scheduling in the implementation of target production and sequence of scheduling.​ Learn more about the importance and functionality of range in this infographic!


Five Habits a Highly Effective Developer Should Have

To become a truly effective developer, you must learn and master many things: the programming language used, framework, software architecture design, etc. But there are some other things you should also do as a developer or desk-bound person in general. Have a look at the five habits that a highly effective developer must have in this article!


GraphQL Server Authorization with JWT

GraphQL makes APIs fast, flexible, and developer-friendly. It allows developers to create requests that pull data from multiple data sources in a single API call. Find out how to implement authorization using JSON Web Token (JWT) in a Node.js GraphQL service in this article!

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