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Elasticsearch 101

Elasticsearch is one of the technologies recommended for search and data analytics due to its architecture and components, making it fast and scalable. Read more about Elasticsearch in this article!


Indra Budiman on His Dream Job: Now Anyone Can Code

Indra Budiman lets us in on how you can get your dream job, whatever it may be, from his experiences on becoming a software engineer in Mitrais. Read more in this article!


How to Dockerize a Restful API with Golang and Postgres

Developing an app with a team can be challenging. A particular code modification may work on one system but not on another. Using Docker can swiftly resolve this problem. Learn more about Docker in this article!


Share Your Framework via CocoaPods

CocoaPods is a dependency manager, which is an external program or software module. It can be used to shorten the production time for creating applications and websites. Read more about sharing your framework via CocoaPods in this article!

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Introduction to Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps (PWAs) and native apps can provide users with a similar experience. Read this article to know more about the objectives of PWA, how to implement PWA, benefits of using PWA, and many more.

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Sosonoan: Getting to Know & Connecting with Colleagues

Sosonoan is Mitrais Bandung's infamous monthly virtual happy hour that features activities such as office updates, sharing sessions, games, and many more. Read more about this legendary event here!

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Virtual Team Building Games with Tons of Laughs and Giggles

On Friday, 29th of October 2021, the Marketing team held a virtual workshop to mark a good start. The objective was to get to know each other through games, laugh, and ultimately feel closer as a team. Read more about it here!

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What is Apache Kafka?

The distributed streaming platform, Apache Kafka, helps applications to share information with other applications using Publish-Subscribe. Find out more about the general overview of Apache Kafka in this article!

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Security Breach via Git

Git is one of the most popular options for Version Control System (VCS). However, this feature can cause difficulties if it isn't carefully managed. Learn more about security breach via Git in this article!

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Pens and Programs: Decoding the Sketches of a Creative Mind

While performing well at his job as an Analyst in Mitrais and contributing to the collective success in his 11th years with the company, he also finds time to pursue his passion. Yossy spares an hour or two after a good day’s work to do his favourite hobby – drawing. Read his full story in this article.


Mitrais Innov4thon 2021: Ignite Creativity and Innovation from Home

At Mitrais, ideas for innovations are not only encouraged but also nurtured. Recently, despite the pandemic, Mitrais has held the most anticipated event of the year called Mitrais Innov4thon 2021: an annual event where the employees have a chance to unleash their creativity and compete as a team to prove which team was the most innovative. Find out more in this article.


Background Processing using Azure Infrastructure

Background processing is a computer process that runs in the background and without user intervention. Find out more about the options that Azure cloud platform provides to run background job processing in this article.

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