K2Fly Limited Engaged with Mitrais in Developing Its ADAM Web Platform

Perth-based K2Fly is in the business of providing enterprise asset management solutions to asset intensive industries.

One of its proprietary asset management technologies is the Asset Data Analysis Management (ADAM) system, the company’s long standing application that has been providing asset intensive companies around the world with a real-time analytical platform that enhances data analytic capabilities.

K2Fly wishes to provide its clients with the best, most innovative technology, hence they decided to upgrade ADAM to bring it up to date with the latest technology evolution.

“ADAM is nearly 15 years old. At the time when it was first constructed, it was quite new and looked modern, but now the technology world has moved on and clearly it doesn’t look very new anymore,” K2Fly Executive Chairman and CEO Brian Miller explained.

While the functionality of ADAM is still very important and helpful, some clients have commented on ADAM’s look and feel, and how it would be better if it was more “engaging”.

“This is the point when we decided – okay guys, we need to do an upgrade,” Brian said.

Once the plan is rolled out and the estimated period of development came to about a few hundred man-days, Brian sought to find available resources with the proper abilities. An old friend’s name came to mind and Brian contacted Mitrais Group CEO David Magson, whose offshore development company Brian had heard many good things about.

“The reputation of the organization has always been strong in delivery capability and price competitiveness,” clarified Brian. “As soon as I knew that we had a few hundred man-days of work to be done locally, here in Perth, it was an easy decision for me to get in touch with David and find out if Mitrais has the capacity to help us out.”

A complete makeover of ADAM’s design instills a modern look and feel that is easier to navigate. However, there is more to the upgrade than invigorating the user experience.

The new upgrade ensures ADAM platform’s availability on web browsers. Users can now access the ADAM platform through web browsers, which meant access from any devices – desktop, mobile, etc.

“It is not just about people having a pleasant time, but it’s about people then using it more readily and keeping the data up to date, and therefore allows the organization to make better decisions,” Brian stated.

The presence of web-based ADAM increases its popularity among the client’s staff, especially those whose work takes them away from the desk more often or who work in the remote and potentially hostile environments like an offshore oil rig.

“Going through a web-enabled protocol makes it more popular among the users and that’s what the clients need,” Brian explained. “They need to use the system to improve the quality of the data and that allows people to hopefully make better decisions, in this difficult working environment.”

This upgrade, however, does not mean that the classic desktop-version of ADAM would be discontinued. K2Fly keeps both options available for clients to choose which would be best for them.

Utilisation of ADAM involves taking out the data residing in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) tool, so that users can work on them locally, either via the desktop- or web-based ADAM. Users can do data manipulation, run what-if scenarios and once done, repopulate the data back into the ERP or EAM, which will be used in making decisions and driving the company forward.

Brian stated that he and his team are very pleased with Mitrais’ work in developing the ADAM web platform.

“Mitrais performance is very strong and really, really good,” Brian said. “The quality of the team members in the project has been outstanding.”

According to him, Mitrais’ price remains competitive despite the price hike that other nearshore developers have been going through the past two to three years.

“With the enhanced quality of communication, it has been as if the coders and analysts were sitting in the same office as us,” elaborated Brian. “The quality of communication is strong, working in the same time zone as we are, I think it’s a very good decision for us to pick Mitrais.”

Now that the ADAM has been upgraded, K2fly is planning to make similar changes to its other asset management and maintenance tools.

“After ADAM, we might choose Tagman, our proprietary asset verification app, to undergo similar updates,” Brian said. “But not right now. We want to see how the current changes take before making any further decision.”


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