Mitrais Joining CAC Holdings Group Japan

Mitrais Celebrates Joining CAC’s Global Family

19.11.19 was a big moment for Mitrais when we were inaugurated as the latest member of CAC Holdings’ global family. We look forward to the many great achievements that we will make together in the future.


At Mitrais, Yoga Class Balances Work & Life

Working at a company that fully supports the balanced lifestyle that you dream of is a privilege, and that is exactly what is happening at Mitrais Offices. Take a look at how Mitrais’ staff are balancing their work life by practicing Yoga in this article.


Teamwork Creates a Refreshing Change for Bandung Office

Mitrais is always looking at creative solutions that provide our staff with an environment that supports enhanced comfort and productivity. With the recent expansion of the Bandung office, Mitrais management gave over an entire floor for this purpose. Find out in this article how Mitrais’ staff collaborated to create the perfect space.


Mitrais Transforming Offices into Agile Workplaces

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in demand and recruitment resulting in growth in the Mitrais family. Take a brief look at how Mitrais transformed it’s offices into an Agile workspace in this article.

Innovathon 2019

Innov-A-Thon 2019

With the excitement of the 2019 Mitrais Innovathon still fresh in their minds, Mitrais staff are already coming up with their next great ideas for the 2020 Innovathon! We can’t wait to see their best concepts, and join in the fun!


Mitrais Carrot

Mitrais has a great employee reward program called Mitrais Carrot, and it’s a fun way to encourage performance and motivate our team. Take a look at Mitrais Carrot in this article.


Remember Rancamaya

It feels like all ingredients of our Mitrais outing 2019 blend in so nicely together as part of our #mitraislife experience. The fun of Mitrais Outing 2019 hasn't stopped yet. Catch all the fun on that day in this article!


#MitraisLife: A Quick Retreat from Daily Rush

Every day is always a new challenge in Mitrais, and challenges had never been this fun. Mitrais' first Outing in 2019 was full of fun activities that brought staff out of their routines. Find out how Mitrais Jakarta staff enjoyed their outing through this link!


Mitrais Brings New Initiatives to Encourage Staff to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Mitrais actively promotes work-life balance through numerous initiatives, taking staff to adopt a healthier lifestyle leading to a positive impact in staff's wellbeing. Click to find out more of Mitrais' initiatives!

office expansion company

Mitrais Develops with an Office Expansion in Bandung

Mitrais has announced the expansion of its Bandung office, allowing the company to accelerate business growth and continue providing exceptional service to clients.


Behind the Scenes at the Mitrais Innov-A-Thon

The idea of the Innov-A-Thon is to encourage all of our employees to come up with innovative ideas and then present them to a panel of judges (known as The Dragons) to compete for prizes.


Sharing Professionalism with The Future Sofware Engineers from ITB

Gusti Putu Kompiang, VP Services of Mitrais was invited to be a guest lecturer by Bandung Institute of Technology where he talked about professionalism and used Mitrais' competency-based people development as an illustration.

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