Mitrais Brings New Initiatives to Encourage Staff to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

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A growing number of companies are giving more focus to health initiatives and Mitrais is taking part in this challenge. Mitrais actively promotes work-life balance through numerous initiatives, taking staff to adopt a healthier lifestyle leading to a positive impact in staff's wellbeing.

Initiating a new program to the existing health benefit package, Mitrais introduced Flexi Health Benefit, which is commonly known by its catchy nickname “Ironman”. Mitrais provides incentive for staff who can maintain their good health throughout the year. This is another step forward for Mitrais in creating a working environment that is both fulfilling and rewarding for all.

Through this program Mitrais wishes to acknowledge staff who excel in maintaining their health, in the hope that all staff will strive to maintain their health more seriously. Mitrais provides complete health benefit package for staff and staff’s family as initial initiative to improve their ‘quality of life’. In the long run, staff with a good ‘quality of life’ and wellbeing brings positive impact to their working environment.

Another internal program in the organization is #mitraislife. Initiated in 2017, this movement became Mitrais’ strategy to promote a positive work-life balance. This campaign invites staff to share their lifestyle and moments on Facebook using #mitraislife, showing the balance of their life both in and out of the work place.

Mitrais Health Initiative Anang Prihatanto image “This is what we always want as an employee, an extended health benefit for our family. And Mitrais keeps offering new initiatives ensuring staff lives a balanced and healthier lifestyle. These initiatives are beyond my expectations,” according to Anang Prihatanto, one of Mitrais’ Ironman.

Favourable responses from staff are coming in for both initiatives, and Mitrais is keeping its focus on encouraging staff to shift towards a healthier lifestyle.


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