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Remember Rancamaya

You know when fruits are combined together and topped with brown sugar, chilly and peanut sauce to make a delicious Rujak? It feels like all ingredients of our Mitrais outing 2019 starting with the trip to Bogor Botanical Garden, the overnight stay at Amanuba, the fun games and competitions and the culinary treats just seemed to blend in so nicely together as part of our #mitraislife experience.

For many of us who had visited the Bogor Botanical gardens before, myself included, our first stop brought us down memory lane, back to visits of years ago.

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The next stop for us was an overnight stay at the cosy and relaxing Amanuba Hotel and Resort at Rancamaya, Bogor. But if you think we are only there to enjoy the marvellous ambiance, then you are so wrong! A pack load of competitions and games awaited us, from dance battles, singing or lip-syncing competitions, morning aerobics, a basketball throwing competition, and a pillow fight over a swimming pool. In all the years attending company outings, this is the first time I have seen this traditional game played for this type of occasion. It was a tight competition for all the groups, each giving their best performances and efforts to win best group prizes.

Any outing that involves lots of culinary treats always keep us in high spirits – it has to do with the Indonesian culture of ‘makan2’ for any and all occasions.

What’s rujak without peanut sauce? Commendations to our in-house EOs, led by Bery and Ambar, and supported by Asep, Dana and all others for their tireless efforts to create the best experience for the rest of us and for the dynamic duo, MCs Deny and Narima. They are so at home on stage, they are naturals. Way to go guys!

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