Kustian – Mitrais’ “Accidental” Expert

This time we follow the journey of one of Mitrais Technical Evangelist, Kustian. From zero knowledge of programming to becoming one of Mitrais’ leading experts in Java. Find out more in this article.

Hartoyo Barlian – Man Behind Mitrais’ IT Support

In a successful company, there are a host of team members who contribute to that success. This article looks at how Mitrais’ CIO, Hartoyo Barlian manages the consistently excellent performance of Mitrais’ IT Support Team.

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Meetrais Facsi: a long-term Mitrais’ Business Communication Trainer

Mitrais is straightforward about its commitment to supporting employees’ development. Here is the story of one of our trainers, his journey to get here, and his impressions about being part of the Mitrais family.

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Meetrais Tika: Welcoming A New Addition to the Bali Office Family

In this article, we’re not going to talk about technical strategies for testing a website. Instead, let's have an inside look at the recruitment process experience at Mitrais.

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Remember Rancamaya

It feels like all ingredients of our Mitrais outing 2019 blend in so nicely together as part of our #mitraislife experience. The fun of Mitrais Outing 2019 hasn't stopped yet. Catch all the fun on that day in this article!

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#MitraisLife: A Quick Retreat from Daily Rush

Every day is always a new challenge in Mitrais, and challenges had never been this fun. Mitrais' first Outing in 2019 was full of fun activities that brought staff out of their routines. Find out how Mitrais Jakarta staff enjoyed their outing through this link!

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Why I Joined Mitrais?

A wise man said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  I totally agree with it. However, choosing a company to work for is also important in my opinion. I have to ensure that the company will allow me to grow, not only for hard […]

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Mitrais Team Wins the First Prize at BCA Finhacks #Codescape 2017

Mitrais' staff wins the first place in BCA Finhacks #Codescape 2017. Read on to find out more of their story in this hackathon.

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Spirit of Innovation Wins Mitrais Team Third Place at Jenius x IT Hackathon Contest

Mitrais wins third place in BTPN's Jenius x IT Hackathon. The winning team shares their story here.

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Technologyone Hack Day 7.0

The seventh TechnologyOne Hack Day, sponsored by TechnologyOne took place simultaneously in all TechnologyOne offices (Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, UK). The team representing Mitrais came in THIRD PLACE.

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