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Technologyone Hack Day 7.0

The seventh TechnologyOne Hack Day, sponsored by TechnologyOne took place simultaneously in all TechnologyOne offices (Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, UK). The team representing Mitrais came in THIRD PLACE, and consisted of Devira Nanda Kushwara, Putu Reisha Juniar, AA Ngurah Bagus Wira Wardhana, Mohamad Reza Rayasa, and James Embongbulan (Devi is a tester and the others are all developers). Their pitch was called “Master Product MindMap, a tool used to describe the areas in T1 products in a structured, organized way using diagrams. It can be used when delivering training for new starters, by developers to identify impacted areas when they work on bug fixing, and also by testers to identify test coverage when they do their regression testing. They used a tool to create a diagram that maps complex product to a hierarchical diagram that covers screen, attributes, and configurations. This allows new starters to understand the products easier, allows developers to identify potential affected areas thoroughly and quickly, and allows tester to have a better testing coverage. The team created a video for presentation, as well as a prototype for the demo. It took about one week to prepare all the presentation materials (including the demo). 

There were 25 pitches across all TechOne offices, and all of them had really good ideas; the competition was quite tough. It was due to their hard work and innovative ideas that a Mitrais team was able to win again. 

The first place winner (based in Brisbane, TechnologyOne HQ) won with an idea for a serverless app that creates short, easily communicated URLs.   The second place winner was from Brisbane (TechnologyOne HQ). His idea was Quick Mocks 2.0 – a very up to date application that can be used to easily and quickly create a mock-up screen for any application in development. 

Another Bali based group pitched “Using Parallax in CiAnywhere”.  That team consisted of Andira Muttakim, I Gusti Fauzi Geri Satria, Arya Wiranatha, and Hafieludin Yusuf Rizana. 

On Hack Day 6.0, which was in August 2017, another TechnologyOne team from Mitrais also won third place with an application to run some features in a T1 Student Management product in a SmartWatch, called “CiAnywrist”. 

This means team from Mitrais has won twice previously  

In the last two TechnologyOne Hack Days, a Mitrais team has placed in the top three – something we are quite proud of. 

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