Meetrais Facsi: a long-term Mitrais’ Business Communication Trainer

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As agents of change and learning, communications trainers at Mitrais are equipped with knowledge and hands-on experience to enable participants to increase their Business Communication Skills. Here is the story of one of our trainers, his journey to get here, and his impressions about being part of the Mitrais family.

After a distinguished career working as a communication facilitator at several institutions and businesses in Jakarta, Facsi came across an IT company on the net with a vacant position requiring the skills that he had developed. Knowing that IT companies would be big players in the future, he realized that not only was this company growing, it was also supporting the society through Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi, which attracted him even further!

Facsi was thrilled when Mitrais invited him for an interview. The recruitment process was professional and he finally made it to Bali, the island of the gods! And here he is - one of the committed employees at Mitrais. Having provided Business Communication training for more than 10 years, Facsi still feels like it was just a year ago when he started. “I am proud of being part of the big family,” he said.

With employees’ changing needs for better communication skills and the dynamics, Facsi is aware of countless challenges ahead to improve staff’s communication skills, and the significant advantage that these skills represent for the company. Embracing 21st-century business communication training, Facsi made a smooth transition from somewhat traditional practices to the tech-savvy methods available to all Mitrais staff for free.

He uses a blended learning method, a combination of face-to-face and online training, as a way to increase participants’ engagement and to reach those who work from the client’s location. In his training, he also incorporates interactive web-based activities that can also be used in a hassle-free way for a very engaging experience. As part of the method as well as to support the growth of Mitrais, he can work at other Mitrais offices when needed. Starting his journey in Bali office, he has now been working from Yogyakarta office since 2014, and occasionally delivers training in Jakarta and Bandung.

At Mitrais, we fully support our team members’ learning journey with all these tech-assisted efforts to excel in Business Communication. Don’t wait! #joinmitrais and experience world-class Business Communication training with Facsi.


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