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Mitrais Team Wins the First Prize at BCA Finhacks #Codescape 2017

Hard work paid off for Andang Rian Dimas (Andang), I Putu Yoga Permana (Yoga), and Havit Choirul Rovik (Havit) at BCA Finhacks #Codescape 2017. Putting maximum effort into their idea, the three Mitrais staff managed to win the first place in the hackathon.

In a hackathon, participants come up with fresh ideas and innovations in technology. The never ending changes and challenges for innovation are what keeps the industry moving. Such expectations are common practice in Mitrais, where we fully support our employees to keep learning new technologies and to excel in what they are learning.

Participating in hackathons is not a new thing for our staff, especially for Yoga who won in similar event a few weeks ago. The team’s current project is focused on a digital banking system, which means that they were very familiar with the main requirement of the competition – to develop digital banking application. It did not take much time for them to hit it off as a team and came up with a great idea for the contest.

Coming up with an idea is one thing and developing this idea into an application is another. The team, who called themselves Astaghfirullah Team (an Islamic expression to seek forgiveness in Allah), spent almost 3 hours developing their idea of a custom keyboard for digital transactions, expected to make those transactions easier in a digital banking system. Having developed their idea, they were ready to meet the judges to present their idea and application. The judges were impressed!

Calmly, the team gave short explanation of their application and answered few questions from the judges. This calmness and confidence helped them in winning the first prize. Astaghfirullah Team, who jokingly said they have changed their team name to Alhamdulillah (another Islamic expression for praise and thankfulness to Allah), not only won 60 million rupiah and Macbook Pro, but they also retain the full rights to their application.

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