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Why I Joined Mitrais?

A wise man said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  I totally agree with it. However, choosing a company to work for is also important in my opinion. I have to ensure that the company will allow me to grow, not only for hard skills but also for soft skills. The following is five reasons why I think MITRAIS is the right workplace for my future career:

Programming is my passion

I was introduced to computer when I was in Junior High School. In that time, I learned Turbo Basic as my first programming language. Creating something cool in programming made me dream to become a programmer one day.

I took an electronic degree after graduated from Senior High School. Although I got programming course in the colleague, I still missed several topics in programming, for instance, software engineering and software designing.

To learn more about programming, I wrote several books about C++ and C# programming. Until now, I have written four books. The latest one is C++ Data Structures and Algorithms published by PACKT Publishing.

My last two employers were in electronic industry, which are Samsung Electronic Indonesia and CIPTA SRIGATI LESTARI (a company that specializes in the innovation and technology of smart cards). Even though I have more than ten years experiences in electronic industry, I planned someday I am going to work in a software development company to become a real programmer. Fortunately, MITRAIS is the largest software development service centre in Indonesia rated by Forrester Research (as it mentions in its website).

Mature company

I found a vacant position in MITRAIS from LinkedIn.com. There, MITRAIS said they need experienced software engineer. Visiting About Us page in MITRAIS website gave me information that MITRAIS has been found in 2000 and has been around about 18 years. It was amazing since IT technologies are rapidly growing and it must not be easy to survive because there’re so many IT companies who cannot fight back against technology disruption.

In a mature company, I can put my trust in them to build my career.

Note: General Induction gave me another information, MITRAIS came from PT Mincom Indoservices that had been founded in 1991. And it took 27 years to survive in IT technology competition. Incredibly amazing!

Health Support

No one want to get sick. However, having a health insurance is important for me. I just can’t imagine what will happen if my child gets sick but I run out of money.

In MITRAIS website, I found that they provide Private Health Insurance. While other companies give only health insurance for inpatient coverage and give reimbursement package for outpatient coverage (sometimes not 100% coverage), MITRAIS offered worry-free solution by providing cashless benefit from international insurance for both inpatient and outpatient. Another good news is it’s also available for spouse and three children.

By joining MITRAIS, I can comfortably work because I don’t need to worry about hospital bills since it will be covered by insurance.

Opportunities for overseas travel

Living in Oslo (Norway) for about two years taught me that living away from my homeland has many benefits, such as meeting people of heterogeneous nature, learning new language and experiencing different culture. Since then, I dreamed to work abroad to take advantages what I’ve ever got when I was away from my homeland.

When I read the job description in MITRAIS website for the position I planned to apply for, I found that MITRAIS offered opportunities for overseas travel. Although they don’t offer overseas working, by traveling overseas I can still have opportunities to meet multi-culture people and chance to work with them will be bigger.


Have you ever travelled 160 km away from your house just to attend an interview invitation? Or, have you ever taken your annual leave just to attend an interview invitation which only last for an hour? For those two questions, my answer is “yes, I have”, and it happens in almost positions I applied for. They asked me to visit their site just to attend the interview process without any guarantee I will get a job.

In contrast, MITRAIS never asked me to visit their office, even they have a branch office in Jakarta, before they offered me a job. All interview processes were held by online and ran very smoothly. They held the interview in my lunch time so it didn’t bother my daily jobs.

No any intimidation situation I faced when the interview process took place. The interviewer didn’t judge that I was an expert so that he can ask sophisticated technical questions. Also, he didn’t blame me when I told him that there were some technologies I didn’t capable, instead he suggested me to take any boot camp to close my technologies gap if I passed the hiring process.

Here, I found out that MITRAIS is fully professional in hiring a new employee because the interview process was very well organised and they treat candidate with respect. Based on this, I can expect they manage and treat their employees professionally as well.


As Collin Powell said:

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

There are so many dreams in my mind and I am going to take responsibility for making my dreams a reality. However, it’s impossible to pursue my dreams without help and support from others. Surrounded by great people in MITRAIS, I do believe I can learn much things while I do my best to give my contributions to the company.

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