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Mitrais’ Insight at BEKRAF Developer Day 2017 on How to Apply AGILE Development Methodologies

BEKRAF, the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency, is a non-ministerial government institution responsible for the support of the creative economy within Indonesia. The Developer Day is an initiative that aims to support creative economic actors, especially in the sub-sectors of applications development, web, IOT and games.

BEKRAF looks to inspire the participants with the experience of established developers who have been successful in these fields. As such, Kompi is an ideal candidate, having worked with Mitrais for many years in all aspects of software development, and being an acknowledged expert in this field.

Kompi’s selected topic of AGILE Development with Distributed Teams is a very relevant one within the global Software Development industry. With the industry moving strongly toward the use of Distributed Teams for several decades now, this is a tried and true strategy. However there still remains a question in the minds of many practitioners about how the newer AGILE development methodologies that feature so highly in contemporary development can be reconciled with the use of a Distributed Team.

Kompi cleverly reduced the discussion back to first principles, initially reintroducing the reasons that distributed development works so well around the world, then marrying that concept with the AGILE Manifesto which describes the aims of AGILE Development. In doing so, he revealed a number of commonalities between the two approaches that, rather than make them incompatible, actually make them ideal partner strategies.

But this approach is not without its challenges, of course. Kompi went on to outline the most significant barriers to blending these development approaches, and to describe in detail tactics that should be implemented within professional Software Development teams to ensure that the goals of both approaches are met.

His focus was that the ideas of Individuals and Interactions and Processes and Tools are not mutually exclusive, but that each can actually be brought into harmony with creative management and experienced practitioners.

His insights on this fascinating topic no doubt changed the perspectives of many of the Develop Day attendees, and opened their eyes to the real benefits of assimilating these two globally successful approaches into an even stronger development path.

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