Mitrais Develops with an Office Expansion in Bandung

Mitrais has announced the expansion of its Bandung office, allowing the company to accelerate business growth and continue providing exceptional service to clients.

Designed to accommodate the growing number of staff within the organisation, Mitrais chose to expand its Bandung office due to the diverse talent in the city, which could broaden Mitrais’ ability to service current and future markets.

“The decision to expand our development centre in Bandung is aligned with our business growth,” according to Mitrais’ VP Software Development, Gusti Putu Kompiang. “We have experienced positive achievements within the organisation and the city holds potential to support the company’s further business expansions.”

Once the renovation is complete, the new building will be ready to house 59 additional staff; bringing the joint buildings capacity to 140.

Currently Mitrais has offices in Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta and Hanoi, Vietnam, the Bandung expansion serves to strengthen the already wide choices of working locations for Mitrais staff.

The 3rd floor will be designed as a recreation and function hall, an upgrade from the existing rooftop. Once it is ready, the recreation hall will be large enough to accommodate more than 100 people.

In addition to being a great recreational area, the new space has been enthusiastically welcomed by staff, a new discussion table was brought in and instantly became popular, due to its duel-function as a part time co-working space when staff want to get away from their desks for a change of scenery.

The office expansion strengthens our foothold and promotes Mitrais’ commitment to providing exceptional service.


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