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Mitrais Celebrates Joining CAC’s Global Family

On October 18th, Mitrais was announced as the latest member of CAC Holdings’ global family.

Mr Akihiko Sako, the President and CEO of CAC Holdings is excited by this newest partnership. “CAC was established 1966 and is one of the independent pioneers in the software industry in Japan. During our long history, we have evolved and grown together with the rapidly changing IT industry, and today have 15 companies in our group – 8 locally and 7 overseas. And now, CAC Holdings is very happy to welcome the Mitrais Group, to the family”.

CAC Holdings Corporation is listed on the Japanese Stock Exchange, and is a global provider of information technology services including analysis, planning, designing, development, implementation, installation, and operation and maintenance of information systems. CAC provides services to financial institutions, manufacturing companies, and construction companies around the world.

Mitrais has been a leading provider of software development solutions and software products to the Asia-Pacific region for more than two decades and is an acknowledged leader in the IT ecosystem of this region. With its enviable reputation of establishing and maintaining long-term, high-trust relationships with international clients, Mitrais has experienced strong growth in this sector since 2000.

As Mr Sako said, “Recently, we are seeing another shift in the IT industry with digital transformation, and the growth in Agile software development. Having Mitrais join forces with us is a momentous move for our group, by both creating a strong bridgehead in South-East Asia and strengthening our capabilities, notably in Agile development, where Mitrais has a strong track record, so that we are poised to capitalise on digital transformation as a key development opportunity”.

Mr David Magson, outgoing Chairman of the Mitrais group agrees that this is a very positive development. “This is a good move for Mitrais, allowing the Mitrais Group of companies to expand into the Japanese and global markets, opening the door for more opportunities and security for Mitrais staff in the future, while maintaining the high level trust Mitrais has with our existing clients. During our talks, CAC Holdings have repeatedly expressed how highly that they respect the culture and staff of Mitrais, and that CAC would like Mitrais clients and staff to be assured that joining forces will only see Mitrais continuing in that vein.”

The synergies of corporate culture and values between the two organisations are very apparent. As Mr Sako noted, “We know Mitrais has a very good reputation, including deep trust from their clients. And, one of the many good points of Mitrais is the warm and welcoming company culture; everyone works together like a big family. I’d like to express my thanks and gratitude to all who made this happen. Thank you very much for your continuous support. We look forward to a bright future together!

Ms Wiwie Harris, President Director of PT Mitrais agrees completely. “CAC’s mission is to continually create new value through advanced ICT, while Mitrais’ Mission is to build long term, high trust relationships with our clients and each other, as we provide products and services which add value to clients business and offer a rewarding work environment. Our mission statements are aligned. There is no doubt that as one family, CAC Holdings Corporation and Mitrais will be able to improve our business processes and performance, expanding to new territories and technologies.

The Mitrais team was delighted to host our CAC colleagues at a celebration of our new partnership at our Bali headquarters on November 19th. Present were Mr Sako, Mr Ryota Nishimori (President of CAC Corporation), Mr Koji Iketani (Executive Officer from CAC Holdings), Mr Noriyuki Okayasu, and Mr Aminuddin bin Baki.

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