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Teamwork Creates a Refreshing Change for Bandung Office

These days, start-ups have started to significantly change the way that office space is designed. With this in mind, Mitrais is always looking at creative solutions that provide our staff with an environment that supports enhanced comfort and productivity.

With the subsequent expansion of the Bandung office in 2018/19, everyone wanted to earmark a space for this multi-purpose area, with the aim of being able to host everything from casual gatherings to full-scale company events. Mitrais management gave over an entire floor of the expanded office for this purpose.

As well as providing a large gathering space for “village meetings”, presentations, client visits and other formal gatherings, we wanted the space to offer alternative workspaces for anyone how wanted to spend some time outside of their normal workstations, and even to provide staff with recreational options to reduce stress and encourage socialisation. This seemed like a great option and everyone was excited, but exactly what should be included, and how should it be designed?

Luckily, the Mitrais family is full of talented individuals who are more than happy to help. Designer, Wiena, took the lead, and collaborated with a large group of colleagues to start designing and visualising the space. The results were impressive from the start. Wiena and the team developed detailed digital renditions which included 3D models that allowed everyone to take a “virtual” tour before any construction had even been started! Staff were surveyed to determine their preferences for facilities, furniture, and even décor.

Some helped to choose furnishings (even going shopping to get exactly the right pieces), while others set to work creating a fantastic mural artwork to really add to the atmosphere. Soon the area boasted framed photographs, a beautiful aquarium stocked with a dazzling variety of fish and shrimp (also donated by staff), a television, and a library of books. Our colleagues were involved in every aspect of the build, from carpentry work to produce a Carom board platform and chairs, to installation of decorative lighting features. We knew Mitrais staff are talented, but who could guess that all these other skills existed within our family?

After almost 6 weeks, the space was ready. Equipped with TV, billiards table, carom table, table tennis, PlayStation, darts, chess and Jenga, it is a perfect space to sit and eat lunch or decompress after a hard day. With bean bags and tables spread about, it is also a perfect place for small teams to get together to discuss project progress. And it can be converted in no time to host formal gatherings.

Nowadays, many prefer to spend some time after work socializing and playing games while they wait for the notorious traffic jams to abate. Everyone agrees that the amazing teamwork has delivered a huge benefit to Bandung office and staff morale.

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