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At Mitrais, Yoga Class Balances Work & Life

Nowadays, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a necessity. Working at a company that fully supports the balanced lifestyle that you dream of is a privilege, and that is exactly what is happening at Mitrais Offices. Staff members are encouraged to form groups involved in social activities funded by Mitrais, and one of the most popular is the Yoga club at Yogyakarta, Bandung and Bali offices. 

There are numerous benefits of doing yoga: reducing anxiety, increasing strength, maintaining bone density, enhancing your emotional state, and better body posture. All of these benefits have been backed by a wide range of studies and acknowledged by a large number of people who practice it.

Once a week, some of our staff gather, bringing their yoga mat and wearing their yoga clothes. They are ready to have a stretching session for yoga after a week of desk-dwelling work, guided by a professional instructor. After 90 minutes of yoga, moving their body by doing Savasana, Trikonasana, Virabharasana, etc., everyone walks away feeling great and totally refreshed.

Bernadetha, a senior programmer, is one of the initiators of the Yoga club at our Yogyakarta office. She believes yoga is a tremendous escape from her routine for a while. “Yoga brings the best version of me, increases flexibility, reduces stress and improves my sleep quality,” She said. It’s affected her a lot and its part of her “self-love”. It builds more confidence in herself that she can do it, and she has proven it. Bertha can do the splits and deep backbends! It’s so cool, isn’t it!

Geri, from Bali, enjoys joining the yoga class. “Yoga is really fun. It helps me release the tense after working and makes me feel healthier after” he said. Even though some of the poses like the headstand, crane (crow) and fallen angel are challenging, he still enjoys every moment of it.

Do you feel so tight after slouching on a chair checking out your social media on your phone? Or do you feel tension in your back and neck after sitting for a long time or working for 8 hours? That’s the sign that you need yoga! Balance it!

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