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Have you ever heard of an employee reward system? It’s a method that companies use to show appreciation for staff performance, to encourage team work and collaboration, and help increase the motivation of staff. Mitrais has a great program of this method called Mitrais Carrot.

The creative innovators of Mitrais Carrot were one of the winning teams competing for the 2017 Mitrais hack-a-thon, an annual company event to foster innovation within the Mitrais team. Mitrais officially launched Mitrais Carrot in January 2019. The “Carrot” is a digital currency used in the application, managed by the “Farmer” who harvests Carrots to be distributed to Managers.

Then Carrot is shared by managers to staff in recognition of their performance, and they can use them to redeem some cool and useful products from the “bazaar” which is organized by Merchants. Products available include travel pouches for your personal belongings, movie tickets, tumblers for your favourite beverages, a quality selection of towels and bedsheets, and many others. Everyone in Mitrais is enthusiastic about this reward system.

Maya, a Mitrais Consultant, said that the products available in the Mitrais Carrot Bazaar are very useful in her daily life. So far, she has earned over a hundred carrots, received from her manager for actively participating in training activities. She also received some carrots from her office manager in Bandung for participating in the Organizing Committee for a staff outing. The Mitrais Carrot system not only rewards daily work performance, but also promotes staff teamwork during more casual office activities. It took her some time to finally decide which goodies she wanted, but she finally decided on a funky tote bag and a luxurious stainless tumbler.

In the future, she is looking forwarded to the bazaar adding still more eye-catching, fun to wear, and useful items. Thanks for your input, Maya - the bazaar team will certainly take your wish list into consideration.

So that’s a glimpse of what #MitraisLife looks like. Stay tuned as we cover other exciting activities in Mitrais. Let’s #joinmitrais, as the carrots are waiting for you!


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