5 Steps to Successfully Manage Agile, Remote Development Team

With the current global situation, we are forced into remote working in lots of instances – so now is the time to focus on getting it right, and seeing the value that it can add to your team.


How to Maintain Agile Practices in a Remote Team?

The transition from a centrally located environment to a remote setting can be challenging, but not impossible. In fact, with the use of modern technological development, the remote setup of such teams can be streamlined and scaled. Learn more in this article.


We are One, but We are Many – on Developing Team and Project Culture

Developing strong relationships and partnerships across teams and with our clients isn’t something that “just happens”. It comes about through dedicated work and commitment. One of our Team Engagement Managers shares how Mitrais to deliver great outcomes not only for our clients, but for our team members as well.


On Agile – Don’t Just Focus on “How” but on “Why”

To fully appreciate and master the practices in Agile Methodologies, it is not enough to simply focus on the “how” of performing agile practices. Instead, Product Owners must also understand the background of “why” those practices are necessary, and construct their methodology appropriately for their team and desired outcomes.


Innovation is Inevitable

In challenging times, like those we find ourselves in in 2020, an organization must be able to adapt and to innovate to survive. Now is the time to challenge the perception of this pandemic as a crisis, and instead try to see it as an opportunity for new business growth and innovation.


5 Keys to Successfully Manage Agile, Remote Development Team

With most software development teams now working flexibly or remotely in response to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to embrace best practises in remote working. This brand new article - 5 Keys to Successfully Manage an Agile Remote Development Team - outlines a practical checklist for all software team leaders.


Working Software to Measure Project Progress

Working software is so much more than just a set of functional requirements being implemented. Adopting an incremental working product can minimize the Cost of Delay. Read more in this article.


Accelerate your Software Development Today!

With more than 10 years’ experience in Agile, Mitrais goes all-in to equip our team with all of the SCRUM-specific skills necessary to help our clients’ transition to or continue with their Agile development projects. See more in this infographic.

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Functional Sizing in Agile Projects

Agile methodologies, like SCRUM, are popular process frameworks often applied to contemporary software development services. This article discusses options for Sizing and estimation of Agile projects.


Applying Emergent Design in Agile Projects

Emergent design is no less important in Agile projects, and should be a continuous effort for your Agile team. Learn some practical techniques on how to apply ‘Emergent Design’ in your Agile projects in this article.

Agile Development in Distributed Team

Agile Development in Distributed Teams

For a global company like Mitrais, having associated development teams across time zones and location is a common thing. This article discusses what is needed to establish a distributed team based on Agile development processes, with individuals who work across time, space and organizational boundaries.


Mitrais Beliefs In Agility – Being Agile at Agile Indonesia Conference 2017

Mitrais was at the Agile Indonesia Conference 2017 this month and joined the exhibition and innovative speaking session's in Jakarta.

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