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Area of Expertise

  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • AngularJS
  • Angular
  • NodeJS
  • Loopback
  • Serverless

Sample Case Studies

The Project

The Mitrais team supports our client in maintaining an AWS cloud-based application which act as a collaborative platform for managing an entire construction project, including progress, assessment and approval process of a claim. Both parties can easily and efficiently submit their applications for payment and payment notices, saving time, reducing risk and streamlining manual processes. The application is developed using ReactJS and AngularJS for the front end, and NodeJS for the back end.

Technologies Used

Web front end: ReactJS and AngularJS, Back end: NodeJS, Repository: GitHub, database: PostgreSQL.

The Project

Our client used their team to develope and enhance various internal systems using Web, Android and iOS platforms. Examples of the systems include a Customer Order Entry and Processing System, Maintenance System, and a Manufacturing System. The Customer Order Entry and Processing System has improved warehouse data integrity and sales commission processing, as the data is directly sent to the ERP. This replaces the previous manual paper system, which was prone to human error during data entry. The Maintenance Tracker helps clients to track assets, and notify its customers as a product reaches the end of its lifespan. Manufacturing execution improves processes to manage raw material data through to the finished product stage. ​The solution is built on the iOS (Swift), Android and Web platforms using Angular, NodeJS, SQL Server and Jenkins. The manufacturing execution module is built on a Web platform using Angular and NodeJS as the technology stack.

Technologies Used

Angular, Nodejs, SQL Server, Android, Swift, Jenkins, Infor M3 MWS.

The Project

The Mitrais client team created extended modules for an Interactive Map Application, allowing a user to search the region name on a map, send a public message and receive replies. The system also allows members to search for other members, view their profiles and follow or unfollow them. The application uses Angular JS for the front-end framework, Strongloop.JS for the backend and MongoDB as the database.​

Technologies Used

MongoDB, Strongloop.JS, Strong-PM, AngularJS Version 1, Node.JS, AWS EC2, Git, CSS, JavaScript, AdminLTE template, NPM, Bower, and Sublime Text 3, Google Map API.

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