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Area of Expertise


✔ Continuous Deployment/Integration

✔ Automated quality gates along the automated delivery process up until continuous deployment with various tools

✔ Integration and migration of on-prem to Cloud

✔ Database Management

✔ Configuration Management


✔ Professional Scrum Masters

✔ Product Ownership Training

✔ Agile Coaching

✔ Nexus implementations for scaled environments

✔ Maturity and Capability Assessments​

Example Projects

  • Continuous Integration e.g.: Jenkins, Bamboo, and Travis CI
  • Automated testing e.g.: Selenium and Appium
  • ChatOps integration e.g.: HipChat, Microsoft Team and/or Slack
  • Incremental database rollouts e.g.: Liquibase
  • Configuration Management e.g.: Ansible
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