CCLAS is the leading Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for mining and metal processing. It provides a wide range of tools to help laboratories optimise their processes and ensure quality results.

To achieve sustainable success in the marketplace, mining and metal processing companies need to consistently deliver high-quality products. In this environment, product quality management is a key business imperative.

In order to ensure product quality, streamline laboratory processes, and maximise workflow efficiency while also complying with industry standards and regulations, mining and metal processing laboratories need to control their processes with a sophisticated LIMS like CCLAS.

CCLAS Solution

CCLAS LIMS automates laboratory processes through flexible sample registration, barcode label printing, work list generation, online data capture from a wide range of analytical instruments, and automatic generation of analytical reports and commercial invoices. The system offers superior quality control functions that monitor operation product materials and quality control reference standards against specifications.

CCLAS enables high-volume, complex analytical laboratory data to be captured, calculated and stored with utmost confidence and reported to the client efficiently and on time.

It is in use by major mining companies and commercial testing laboratories worldwide, across a wide range of operations, from simple standalone systems through to complex global multi-site systems.

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