Business Intelligence

Mitrais provides Business Intelligence services including Data Mining, Data Administration, Data Quality, Big Data Management, BI Infrastructure, and SSAS/SSIS.

Providing Insight and Information Intelligence to Drive Corporate Performance

In business environments that are changing at a pace that has never been experienced the need to provide information across the business that allows timely decision making to improve corporate performance and/or respond to market demands has become imperative.

Mitrais understands the need for historical, current, and predictive views of business operations and performance the inherent value of business data and provide the tools for effective business decision making, with this in mind we created our Business Intelligence Centre of Excellence (BICoE).

The need to be able to scale up to cater for Big Data analysis see many of our clients now deploying cloud based solution that provides resource elasticity and flexibility.

Building on contemporary BI platforms, some which are cloud based, provides many advantages including the following:

  • Easy to extend and integrate, using web-standard open source platform
  • Web platforms provides the full spectrum of BI users with self service capabilities such as interactive reports, dashboards, charts, advanced visualizations and interactive cross-tabs and analytics.
  • Provides flexibility to enable viewing and interaction within a browser or on tablet or mobile phone
  • Enables access to many data sources, including relational databases, flat files, Big Data and custom data sources

Our solutions deliver rich benefits as briefly outlined below:

Usablity and Flexibility

User are able to easily find what they need in the BI platform.

Content Rich

Provide Users with solutions that extend past being just a report printing tool, our solution contain more functionality such as advice, predictability and information visualisation.

Clean and Interactive

Solutions are designed so it is easily understandable and not over complex as to confuse the users.  Reports and dashboards are implemented in a way that makes it easy to use. Scalability and customization give the users access to information that is directly related to their lines of business and decision making.

Data Currency

Integration to live data sources to provide as up to date information as possible without affecting data source performance.

Value Oriented

It is important that the user has the feeling that the DW/BI application is a valuable resource that is worth working on.

Predictability and Exception Reporting

We develop solutions that facilitates predictive analysis complimented with exception reporting. As Organisations BI analytics mature so do the solutions.


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