A Guidance for New Oracle Java License

Starting from January 2019, Oracle has changed its Java licensing model. If you find yourself confused about which Java that you should use, this graphic should help to make it clearer for you.

Sharepoint - Microsoft Flow

SharePoint Office 365 Automated Workflow with Microsoft Flow

SharePoint is a great platform to collaborate, manage and store content and documents. This time, Mitrais’ Analyst Programmer shares the comfort of operating SharePoint Office 365 automated workflow with Microsoft Flow. Read the complete article here.

Automation Testing Tools Comparison

Mitrais Special Report: Testing Automation Tools Comparison

Implementing test automation can be a daunting prospect, even though it can increase productivity. Fortunately, there are available platforms to manage creation of scripted test scenarios. Find out how Mitrais compare these automated testing platforms through our Special Report!


Mining Solutions Provider Engaged Offshore Resources to Enhance Products’ Features and Security

Micromine is a company that has been providing a suite of mining and geological data management solutions for hundreds of mining companies around the world. Micromine’s development team together with Mitrais’ team has turned many of the ideas into reality, providing improved features for Micromine’s clients.


Mitrais Special Report: The Internet of Things (IoT) An Evaluation of Vendor Solutions

Internet of Things offers benefits through the connected management of electronic devices world-wide. Get our full report of the most popular vendors of platforms that connect devices and develop software solutions to consume and analyse data from IoT connected devices. 


Mitrais Special Report: Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

The problem with data is not on assembling data but on how to use your data. It requires Business Intelligence solution and with wide range of BI solutions, an investigation has been conducted to search what these BI solutions have to offer. Get our Special Report for free to help you decide!


Mitrais Special Report: Hybrid Mobile Framework for Cross-Platform Mobile Application

Developing a cross-platform app is a convenient option – one source code for multiple platform. Problem is: which framework to develop it with? Get our Special Report for free to help you decide!


Mitrais Special Report: JavaScript Frameworks

Five Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks – Which One is Best? Click here for the full details!


Mitrais Special Report: Internet of Things

IoT Development Platforms Compared – 7 Leading Brands Analysed! Click here for the full details!


Effective Use of Offshore Development Companies

What are the pros and cons of engaging Offshore Development Centres in different parts of the world? Find out here!


The 3rs of Offshoring Software Development

Having problems in managing your offshore software development team? Get our tips on how to optimize engagement!


Metrics Collection and Post Mortem Analysis

Mitrais’ metrics and post mortem analysis over the years has compiled several pointers to successful software development projects. Get them now!

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