Mitrais Prepared to Meet COVID-19 Challenges

The Work-From-Home (WFH) business model is increasingly being used as the COVID-19 situation increases. For some like Mitrais, years of experience in the execution and management of remote teams means that we are well equipped to pass these tests. See some steps we have taken to strengthen our position during this time.

Firebase React Native Integration

Get Started with Firebase in React Native

Google released Firebase earlier this year which offers some exciting benefits in software development. Read on to know more about Firebase’s pros and cons, also a simple guide of Firebase React Native integration.


Mitrais Team Wins the First Prize at BCA Finhacks #Codescape 2017

Mitrais’ staff wins the first place in BCA Finhacks #Codescape 2017. Read on to find out more of their story in this hackathon.


Spirit of Innovation Wins Mitrais Team Third Place at Jenius x IT Hackathon Contest

Mitrais wins third place in BTPN’s Jenius x IT Hackathon. The winning team shares their story here.


The SharePoint Framework – Modern SharePoint Development

The new Sharepoint Framework (SPFx) was introduced by Microsoft this year. What are the good points of this framework? Read on to unveil all.


Appium and testNG Work Perfectly for Parallel Automation Testing

Read on to learn how to implement Appium and testNG to handle parallel automation testing and reduce test lifecycles.


Kotlin for Android Developers

Kotlin, the new programming language offers some powerful features for writing Android apps. Check out those features here.


Automate Your Unit and Integration Testing with Jenkins

Automate your unit and integration testing with Jenkins. Click to find out how to do it.


Mitrais Beliefs In Agility – Being Agile at Agile Indonesia Conference 2017

Mitrais was at the Agile Indonesia Conference 2017 this month and joined the exhibition and innovative speaking session’s in Jakarta.


KMS – Great New Improvements to an Already Great Hospital Information System

Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS) has been officially released with two new features in management and administration capabilities. The new additions continue the success of Mitrais’ KMS System as an advanced and integrated HIS/PAS system.


JAVA8: Fewer Lines of Code

The New feature of Stream API in Java 8 offers a higher-level API that simplifies data manipulation. How can it benefit Java developers? Read on to find out more.


Good Morning .NET Core

Microsoft has released .NET Core with some major changes to attract more developers to use their software. What are these changes? Read on to find out more about .NET Core


Sharing Professionalism with The Future Sofware Engineers from ITB

Gusti Putu Kompiang, VP Services of Mitrais was invited to be a guest lecturer by Bandung Institute of Technology where he talked about professionalism and used Mitrais’ competency-based people development as an illustration.

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