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It’s Greener Over Here: Top 6 Reasons Why They Stay With Mitrais

Wondering why some people can stay with a company for so long? No doubt, there must be something wholesome about it that draws people to unpack and settle. This time, four of Mitrais’ engineers from different office bases had been brought together in a fascinating conversation about work. Muhammad Ludfi Herdianto, Stephanie Marceria, Erwin Hasanuddin, and I Gusti Fauzi Geri Satria have been with Mitrais for many years; hence they know the ins and outs of working here like the backs of their hands. Let’s discover why they decided to nest with the biggest IT company in the region.

1. Career Growth Opportunities

Companies do offer you jobs, but Mitrais waters its grass by providing a long-term, fulfilling career. Stephanie, our Analyst proudly confirmed, “I have a clear career path from a Junior Programmer to an Analyst”. The avid traveler added, “There are many projects that I can involve in with different roles to exercise my skills. From there, my expertise evolved, and so did my career.”

2. Benefits

Life may turn south unexpectedly, but Mitrais’ robust health benefits can quickly help to fix its course. Erwin, our Analyst Programmer who is also a martial artist swore by it, “My own family’s wellness is my top priority, and I can protect them with high limits health insurances that cover in-patient and out-patient, dental check-ups, glasses, and contact replacements, prenatal, maternity allowance, general check-ups, etc. In addition to health benefits, employees are given transportation and relocation allowances, along with equipment loans.” told Erwin.

3. Culture and Colleagues

“We are like one big family and always have each other’s back.” Stephanie attested. Erwin also spilled his tea on this, “When it comes to administration, my colleagues in the admin department are very helpful in smoothing out my work from the reimbursement process, ordering airline tickets, and providing accommodation for off-site duty. They are also well-prepped to help during emergencies.” Geri, our Analyst Programmer who is keen on doing anti-gravity Yoga added, “I love our work-life balance culture. My client always encourages me not to work overtime, so I can spend my free time doing my hobbies.”

4. Self-Development Opportunities

With this rapidly changing tech era, Ludfi, our Senior Tester disclosed how Mitrais helps its staff to stay ahead. “Mitrais is an ideal place to learn and grow if you are aspiring to be a Software Engineer, as it molds us through its Competency System and real-life project engagement. On top of that, once you’ve completed certain certifications, you will be rewarded. New skills and ka-ching? it’s a win-win!” convinced the basketball fan.

Aiming to shape world-class software engineers, Mitrais includes English training to ensure top-notch communication skills. For Geri, it’s his cup of tea, “My English skills have shown huge improvements since I joined Mitrais, especially in my grammars, owing to free English classes, workshops, and a lot of fun English programs that can be attended i.e., Afternoon Tea Time, where we can meet and talk virtually with other colleagues to brush up on our English.”

5. Leadership and Support

When it comes to leadership and support, Mitrais hands down is the best, as described by Stephanie, “Mitrais is transparent and open to suggestions to better work experience and satisfaction. We hold an open forum quarterly and an annual survey to facilitate that tradition. For me, it is greener on Mitrais’ side of the fence. Salary and bonus adjustments: check, well-written, and well-informed policies: check. Also, Mitrais is adaptable to new challenges, and now it supports WFH. Now I can use hours I used to spend in traffic to enjoy quality time with family.” she affirmed.

Erwin also shared a glimpse of the matter, “One time, I was in hot water; I needed an additional programmer in my team on a project that I was working on. I spoke to my supervisor about it, and he was happy to follow up.” Erwin carried on, “Whenever I find any problem with devices, networks, hardware, software licenses, or any other problems related to it, I never hesitate to contact IT Support because they are super reliable.”

6. Facilities

From the facilities to support work, relaxation, to spirituality, Mitrais got them covered. Erwin revealed, “Just like in other Mitrais offices, Bandung’s office also spoils us with various entertainment means such as XBOX, pool, table tennis, and carambola to decompress and mingle with colleagues, which refreshes our minds and lifts our mood. We also have prayer rooms where we can congregate during prayer times.” Ludfi topped that off, “To keep drowsiness at bay and our spirit high, we would be drawn to our mood booster: coffee machine. With all premises available, our office feels like a second home where we can be creative and productive.” he remarked.

If the grass is always greener on the other side, then go to that side! Mitrais will happily welcome you to where the grass will continue to glisten in green. #JoinMitrais today!

Author: Business Communication Trainer Team

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