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Zero to Hero: How Roby Pramudita Hacks His Growth to Seize Programming Triumph

If you strive for excellence, success will follow.

Shreya Ghoshal

In the middle of running his fingers lightly over the piano keys in legato play or strumming his bass guitar, there is an undying passion for programming that Roby Eka Pramudita could not deny. Being a high achiever, he acted upon his professional pursuit unapologetically. Within just 10 months, his impressive growth has borne its fruit. Let’s tune in to the young musician’s programming quest.

The Electrical Engineering graduate of Universitas Gajah Mada kicked off his programming career by joining Mitrais Junior Programmer Bootcamp. “Among other companies, I gravitated towards Mitrais for what it could offer me as a newbie,” Roby revealed. “Mitrais brings a lot to the table: various bootcamps of new tech stack with detailed syllabus so we have a clear direction to learn, the e-learning centre with 283 learning offerings, and SWEBOK materials to explore from. Here, we can ask the experts or seniors with no hesitation as they are unbelievably accommodating. In addition to technical skills, we can sharpen our soft skills such as business communication and correspondence with a free English course. All in all, Mitrais offers epic combo.” concluded Roby.

Nothing says quality loud and clear like satisfying feedback from clients. The former bassist of an indie band has recently celebrated uplifting comments on his performance. “My dopamine just hit the roof when the very email popped on my screen,” recalled Roby. His client testifies that the junior programmer goes the extra mile by being proactive in investigating issues arising in a shared environment. He is also credited for initiating a code foundation for E2E test automation. Roby is said to be highly adaptive, and he can grasp relevant domain knowledge quickly that he’s able to navigate and build on top of a complex database. At one point, he even proposed a performance optimization plan that he himself designed, which has speeded up his client’s operation system that previously took 3 minutes to mere seconds. The client highlighted the latter in contentment.

Roby also attributes his accomplishment to Mitrais’ Competency Maintenance System (CMS). “It acts as the gatekeeper before we jump into projects. CMS ensures that our growth is monitored actively and that we’re ready for any project with the highest standard possible,” he remarked.

When asked about his recipe for success, Roby generously unpacked his tips to win any client’s heart:

1. Be Proactive

Roby attested, “Don’t just sit around and wait for instructions from your client. Observe what needs improving, offer your assistance, and work to better it. They will notice that you are helpful, trust you with your time, and consider you as an added value to their business.”

2. Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New

“Never wait until you are really good at something to pull it off. To be excellent at something, be willing to be bad at it first. If you fail and start again, the silver lining is you don’t start from scratch, but with experience. As each of us has infinite potential, who knows, what you’re afraid of trying is actually what you are eventually good at.” assured Roby.

3. Be Ambitious to Learn

“Always have a growth mindset that you can learn literally anything. When you are interested in something, go for it rain or shine, and give your 100% to master it. Set your goal and take all necessary steps that get you closer to your goal. Where attention goes, energy flows.” he endorsed.

There you have it, some of Roby’s inspo that he orchestrated to thrive working with clients. If Roby can rock them, so can you. #JoinMitrais now.

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