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Improving Resiliency using IHttpClientFactory and Polly

In .Net, developers can implement IHttpClientFactory and Polly to improve the resiliency of an application, especially when they need to handle Http Request and Http Response in their code. This article will explain what IHttpClientFactory and Polly is and give an overview of implementing it on a project.


Microservices vs. Monolithic Architecture

Evolving technologies impact the way that we build software applications. Tech giants like Netflix, Google and Amazon have all made the switch successfully from a monolithic architecture to Microservices – but is this the best way for you to develop and deploy your next project? See more in this infographic.

Mitrais-blog-Kotlin-Multiplatform-Mobile-A Cross-Platform-Worth-Learning

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile: A Cross-Platform Worth Learning

By year-end, more than six million people will become smartphone users. And that number is expected to grow by several hundred million additional users in the near future. Reaching all potential global smartphone (Android and iOS) users is a challenge. But building cross-platform applications can help. Explore further in this article.

MITRAIS - 5 key differences between a Project Manager-0001

5 Key Differences Between a Project Manager and Scrum Master

With the rise in the uptake of Agile methodologies in software development, many see the traditional role of a Project manager slipping in favour of the Scrum Master, or the person running the Agile Software Development Team. But what are truly the key differences between the two roles? See more in this infographic.


Bank of the Future: A Bank for Everyone to Grow Together

Bank Jago is a technology-based bank with aspiration to enhance the growth of millions through life-focused digital financial solutions. Mitrais is pleased to support Bank Jago's aspirations by becoming a partner in software development and software testing services starting from 2020. Read the full story in this article.

MicrosoftTeams-image (21)

Create Simple API with Dart, Aqueduct, and PostgreSQL

In this article, we are going to take a look at how to create simple API with Dart, Aqueduct, and PostgreSQL. Read the full article to find out more.


Considerations in Building a Secure Application

Securing applications is a massive effort encompassing all parts of the software creation process. In this article we will look at some common practices we could follow as developers to make an application more secure.


PWA: The Advantages and Basic Guide to Apply

In today's world, you have three seconds for your website to load; otherwise, you risk losing website visitors. But if you have PWA (Progressive Web Apps), you can rest assured that your website will load at the speed you need. Learn more in this article.


Mitrais Awarded ICAgile Certification

Mitrais have recently been awarded ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) certification, in recognition of our commitment and proficiency in this core development methodology. Mitrais are committed to learning and development of all our developers, ensuring that our partners are working with best-in-class developers who utilise best-practice in all areas of their projects. Find out more in this article.

SWD Blazor copy

Blazor The Future Web UI Framework for .NET Developers

In 2018, the Microsoft ASP.NET team began developing Blazor, a client-side UI framework. The official preview of Blazor was published in April 2019, and the initial production was released in May 2020. Explore further in this article.


Common Secure Coding Tips to Reduce System Vulnerabilities

Targeted cyber attaches continue to pose a serious threat to organisations, with new groups and ways of attacking websites emerging each year. Take a look at some common tips to reduce system vulnerabilities in this article.


Progressive Web Apps - What Is Their Role?

The past five years have been filled with news that progressive web apps (PWAs) are either the future of the Internet, or they are as dead as a doornail. So what is PWA, what makes them interesting, and what is their role? Let's find out in this article.

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