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The Beacon of Hope: Inspiring Leaders at Mitrais

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

John Maxwell

It is no secret that the key ingredient to a successful organization is its leadership. Reputable for its rock-solid management, Mitrais has stood the test of time and grown even stronger as the largest software hub in the region. Behind the success, there are competent leaders tirelessly adjusting the sails when the wind of change blows. This article puts a spotlight on three of many admiring leaders in Mitrais: Chandra Cipta, Nyoman Victoria, and Charles Trader, to brain pick their leadership wisdom and best practices.

Role Model

Role models turn the impossible possible, hence people look up to them for guidance and inspiration. However, Chandra Cipta, Marketing Director and Senior Manager for Software Development, would prefer to focus on positive attributes rather than idolize a particular figure. “Glorifying certain persons that are bound to have weakness might disappoint us. Instead, idolize their positive actions, whoever they may be,” said the philanthropist, who dreams of helping more unfortunate children in the future.

In contrast, Nyoman Victoria, usually greeted with Inyo, admires many world leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi. “Their charismatic and servant leadership demonstrates desired qualities that a leader should have. They inspire me to coach more leaders, especially female leaders in Mitrais,” revealed the Engagement Manager for Software Development.

Interestingly, Charles Trader, Competency Development Centre (CDC) and Software Development Senior Manager disclosed, “Rather than a role model, I am led by Servant Leader concept that I learned during a Professional Agile Leadership Essentials training. The concept directs attention to building capacity in others, where the leader facilitates decision-making. It does require quite an adjustment to switch into that model; thus, I am still learning my way through it,” admitted Charles, who is determined to be a resourceful figure for his circle.

Managing a Team

The managers may have different approaches to leadership. However, the three of them see eye to eye in regard to managing a team.

Clear purpose, goals, and expectations

Inyo emphasized the importance of this aspect, “Sharing crystal clear, measurable goals and expectations to the team will allow them to know exactly what the goals are, what is expected from them and how they will get there.” The avid reader and traveller went on, “Our role as a leader is to set a path and guide them to utilize their skills and potentials to achieve the team’s goals.”

Trust and transparency

Chandra is big on building trust. “In a high-trust, fun and non-intimidating work environment where professional relationship and teamwork bolster creativity, people have a safe space to take initiatives, learn from their mistakes, be critical, and welcome constructive feedback, which eventually will optimize ideas.”

Effective communication

“I would say that communication is key,” claimed Charles. “It ensures that everyone in the team understands that they can talk to me any time. It nurtures a culture where regular face time or discussion is held, so we can use it to discuss anything matters to the individuals.”

Being a role model

“Being brought up with strong Javanese culture, I am very much influenced by the principles founded by Ki Hadjar Dewantara: Ing Ngarso Sung Tulodo, Ing Madya Mangun Karsa, Tut Wuri Handayani,” narrated Inyo. The triathlon enthusiast continued, “The philosophy illuminates the significance of a role model. So, the first pillar inspires me to be a great example when I lead my team, while the second one encompasses giving a sense of direction and encouragement. Lastly, the third one illustrates being a driving force to push my team to achieve our common goals.”

Regular check-ins, feedback, and recognition

Chandra highlighted the importance of regular check-ins, “Planning is a must, but never over-plan or stick only to a plan, as people and situations may change. It is vital to have regular check-ins: observe, listen, give feedback, articulate recognition, and adapt.” The senior manager who spends his free time watching movies and fixing things argued, “The most important thing is one needs to be flexible and able to adapt.”


Charles is driven by the notion of being a facilitator leader, “I mentor others by decentralizing decision-making: creating rooms to be critical in problem-solving, listening, giving space, and leading by example. You cannot manage a big team by micromanaging everything, so collaborate with them,” remarked the senior manager who has a green thumb and love for fishing.

Empowering team members to achieve career goals

When it comes to helping team members to hit their career targets, Chandra advised, “Once we find out their strengths, weaknesses, and aspiration, help them realize it with adjustments. Share what to expect and encourage them to assess if their core selves are aligned with their ambitions. For example, if one wants to be a business analyst, they should enjoy Math and planning, not the opposite. In brief, help them find out what they really want and remove all obstacles.”

Charles strongly recommends doing regular development talks with one’s team. He testified,” It helps me to understand what they would like to achieve in Mitrais. We then discuss what they need to do in the year, what opportunities they need to keep their eyes on, and what have you.”

Believing that every individual is unique, Inyo suggests, “Provide them with opportunities to develop their potentials and demonstrate their competency. Continuously set ambitious yet achievable targets for them and motivate them along the way.” The sporty manager who dreams to participate in an Ironman 70.3 triathlon race and Oceanman 5k swimming race added, “Remember to recognize their achievements anytime they have completed any milestone.”

Despite their different approaches, their joined force makes a dynamic synergy. The high performing leaders at Mitrais are the beacon of hope that stirs the organization in the right direction of success. Their leadership shines through, empowers others, and ignites the spirit to collaborate and rise. #JoinMitrais today and soar with our inspiring leadership.

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