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Meetrais Cynthia: Mitrais’ Talent Acquisition Expert

If you apply for a position in Mitrais, Cynthia is your good news. Along with the other talent acquisition specialists, Cynthia is responsible for organizing the initial screening process to ensure that qualified candidates are recruited.

Her fondness for being a recruiter has helped Cynthia set on the path toward her career in the IT industry. “What I’m passionate about in my role is the opportunity to get involved in someone’s biggest life events,” Cynthia said. For her, matching talent with the most suitable job is pretty similar to finding the love of one’s life. “It is, to some extent, something like playing a game of ‘Cupid’, matching one’s job with their personality style. Then, shoot the arrow at the most potential one.”

One of her best hiring experiences was when her recruited candidates got promoted not long after employment because of their outstanding work performances. “Seeing them make excellent impacts on the company truly makes me so excited!” Cynthia explained.

Speaking of her four years of experience handling the recruitment process in Mitrais, Cynthia generously shared some tips with fresh graduates looking to have the opportunities to join Mitrais.

“First, know yourself – your strength, limitation, aspiration, and value in life. Then, focus on jobs you really want to do and jobs you want to avoid. Do not ‘throw’ your CV randomly to multiple companies and positions – then forget that you’ve applied for.”

“Then, enjoy the recruitment process – there’s nothing to be worried about, just follow the steps. Remember, different companies may have their unique guidelines.”

“Last but not least, practice – prepare the best version of yourself. In this digital era, it’s easy to nourish yourself with knowledge about the recruitment process. Make sure you do some research about the company, the technology they use, and the role that you are applying for.”

“So, set your goals, be prepared, and get ready for your journey. And I’ll be looking forward to seeing you here!” she concluded.

There you have it, some tips from Cynthia, the talent acquisition expert, to kick start your programming jobs hunting. Click #JoinMitrais below to check our vacancy and be part of #Mitraislife.

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